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Worlds are about to collide on CBS’ soaps.

That rumbling your feeling isn’t an earthquake, it’s the ground shaking in anticipation of The Young and the Restless’ next crossover with The Bold and the Beautiful. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, Deacon, who’s currently dealing with having Sheila as the roommate from hell on Bold & Beautiful, returns to Young & Restless for a face-to-face with former wife Nikki, who lately has been hell-bent on driving nemesis Diane out of Genoa City. Perhaps Mrs. Newman thinks that her ex holds the key to accomplishing that goal. He did, after all, offer his assistance to Diane in pulling off the most dramatic of exits all those years ago.

Diane annoyed at Kyle Y&R

“You know why the past is called the past? It’s passed!”

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“Deacon did some pretty terrible things to Nikki during their time together,” Melody Thomas Scott tells TV Insider, “but allowing her to take the fall for Diane’s ‘death’ was heinous and unforgivable. Diane almost destroyed Nikki’s life in faking her own death, and Nikki is determined to make her pay… with a little help from Deacon.”

Melody Thomas Scott, Sean Kanan "The Young and the Restless" nikki deacon

Theirs was not what you’d call a happy marriage.

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The week of September 26, Deacon turns up in Genoa City, where he has history with everyone from Victoria to Phyllis. But Nikki’s agenda is the reason for his visit. “He’s genuinely remorseful for helping Diane” frame Nikki as her murderer, Sean Kanan tells TV Insider. “He wants to make amends.

“Nikki’s not interested” in forgiveness, he adds, “but she is interested in getting information.”

Refresh your memory of Deacon’s past with Nikki — and so! Many! Others! — in the below photo gallery.