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You know how frustrated Victor gets with Adam? That’s how impressed the Emmy winner is with his on-screen son.

Eric Braeden is not one to mince words. So when he was asked during a JLJ Media interview his opinion of Young & Restless co-star Mark Grossman, we knew that he would tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And the truth is? The Emmy winner considers Grossman to be “a damn good actor. He really is.”

A Young Old Pro

When the soap newcomer was cast as Victor’s son, Adam, he hit the ground running. “I watched him come on the show and saw him being inundated  with pages of dialogue,” says Braeden, “and I thought. ‘Whoa.’ He handled it all like a pro… I’m very impressed with him.”

That said, Grossman remains something of a mystery to his on-screen father. “I don’t know much about him personally,” Braeden says. “We don’t have much time to talk to each other really on the show, which may come as a surprise to some people, but we don’t we have the time.” The cast comes in, preps and performs their scenes, and then off they go.

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Victor’s Never-Ending Challenge

Braeden’s Genoa City alter ego would also be quick to say how impressed he is with Adam himself. But their relationship tends to be one step forward, two steps back, in part owing to the fact that Adam imagines himself as being seen as “the other kid” to his father. But “he was never ‘the other kid’ to Victor,” says Braeden.

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It wasn’t even The Mustache’s choice for Adam to be raised apart from Nicholas and Victoria. Victor “had a dispute with Adam’s mother decades ago. She insisted on raising him on the chicken farm in Kansas,” Braeden reminds. As a result, “Victor’s always had, I guess as any father would, had a kind of guilty feeling about not having been there in the important years.”

He’s tried to make up for it. Initially, Braeden points out, Victor gave Adam opportunities that were actually better than the ones afforded to his other children. Alas, “Adam, for his own reasons, rebelled against that.”

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Hope for the Future

As Adam embarks on his latest venture, going to work for Dad’s archenemy Jack, Victor is once again seeing red. But he’ll never give up his attempts to reach out to Adam. “It’s a difficult relationship,” Braeden says, “but Victor keeps on trying. He wants to acknowledge Adam as a son.”

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