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The CBS soap actress is all about being consistent.

Things couldn’t be more up and down for Sally on The Young and the Restless. One minute her world is turned upside down by Adam claiming not to feel the same way as she does — the same way he claimed to feel prior — then in the next, she’s thrown into a major emotional struggle after he confirmed his actions had only been due to not wanting to bring her down with him and take away her chance to shine at Newman Media. To say this course of events transformed Sally’s life overnight is an understatement.

Well, in real-life, Sally’s portrayer Courtney Hope posted a video featuring a major transformation as well and stated, “Ready… Who else is moving their bodies today?”

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In the video, Hope is standing in one of her “fave shirts of all time,” that she hashtagged, “Mean Girls quotes for life,” reading, “Brutus is just as cute as Caesar,” and shorts… then in the next frame, she’s magically suited up and ready for a workout.

“Consistency overpowers inspiration,” Hope shared. “People ask me all the time how I maintain my fitness routine and healthy body and my answer is consistency.”

She went on to explain that some days she’s “just not motivated, inspired” or feels as though she has the time. “But being consistent anyway and listening to my body to change around my fitness routine keeps me dedicated and ever evolving.”

The actress knows that there is always an excuse but stated, “There is never a replacement for taking good care of yourself.”

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