Adam takes Job at Jabot YR
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Lily is less than thrilled with Billy’s news.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of September 5 – 9, Tessa’s causing a problem. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After Billy broke the news to Chelsea that he was leaving the podcast to focus on being COO of Chancellor-Winters, Chelsea up and kissed Billie! She quickly apologized and asked it be forgotten. It still didn’t stop Billy from suggesting she take the podcast over. Coming up, Lily learns about some of what’s been going on between Billy and his ex. When he fills her in, Lily makes a face and says, “Oh…Chelsea.” Billy asks, “’Oh’ as in ‘that’s not a big deal’ or ‘oh’ as in you’re not happy that I spent time with her.” Which is it Lily? And will Billy start to regret giving up the podcast?

There’s trouble in Fenmore Marchetti-land as Mariah stands behind Lauren as she tells Kyle, “We’re having a problem with the direction of the shoot, and to be honest, it’s with Tessa.” Behind Kyle, Tessa sighs in a big red dress. Let’s be honest, that dress is the problem!

Initially, Adam turned down Jack’s offer to come work with him at Jabot and was focused on exposing Victor for covering up Ashland’s murder to protect Nick and Victoria. However, after a talk with Chelsea, who advised Adam for Connor’s sake to let his war with Victor go, Adam chose to try and do just that. Jack officially welcomed Adam on board, but there was one thing left to do… Tell Victor! At the ranch, Adam tells Victor, “I just thought you might want to know that I’ve taken a job at Jabot as Jack’s co-CEO.”

What do you think viewers? Will Victor choose to support his son, or berate his latest business move?

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