Jason Thompson and daughter Rome yr
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On September 20, 2017, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor and his wife welcomed their second child, a baby girl.

Today marks the fifth birthday of The Young and the Restless star Jason Thompson (Billy) and his wife Paloma’s daughter and we wanted to give little Rome Coco a happy birthday shoutout by looking back through some of the precious memory-filled photos and videos her dad has shared with his Instagram followers.

Welcome to Earth Rome Coco

Fast asleep in true baby fashion, Rome’s proud papa introduced her to the world and stated, “Rome Coco Thompson, September 20, 2017, welcome to earth.”

Sleeping on the Job

Rome took a nap on her parents’ bed with a laptop nearby where someone clearly had been trying to get some work done while she was “sleeping on the job.”

Girl Boss

If it were up to her, Rome, being the “girl boss” that her daddy said she was, would likely order everyone to take naps often throughout the day.

Daddy’s Little Girl

When she wasn’t snoozing the day away, Rome spent some time awake in Thompson’s arms as he stared down at “daddy’s girl.”

Meet Rome’s Bro

And while she still had some awake time in her, Rome laid next to her older brother Bowie, as Thompson expressed, “Sometimes I still can’t believe these two exist. Brother and sister. My oh my, the love I have for these two.”

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Cotton Candy and Roses

The CBS soap star gave thanks to 2017, especially for its 263rd day, “which was the birth of our sweet girl Rome Coco, who smells of cotton candy and roses.”

Chillin’ in the Sink

“A 36 inch sink” to be exact! How adorable is that?!

Smiling for Daddy

All it took was a kiss on the head from her daddy and Rome’s face shined bright with the most precious smile.

First Mother’s Day

Thompson posted a pic with Rome and her brother, along with a special message for their mom on Mother’s Day. “Hey Paloma, thanks for growing cool kids.”

A Hug From Dad

Once again, Rome’s smile lit up the room as her dad squeezed her tight and vowed that she would forever be his Rome Coco.

Plane Rides and Hair Pulling

What do you do when you’re bored on a plane? This is what Rome loves to do, “yank big brother’s hair.” We’ve all likely been there, done that to our siblings… well, maybe not on a plane.

Happy First Birthday

To mark her big one-year milestone, Thompson posted various photos along with a special message to his “sweet Rome Coco” and stated, “She’s a force. She’s vocal. She’s doesn’t let her brother get away with much. She lets you know what she wants and when she wants it. She is strong. She’s got the sweetness and grace of her mother, thankfully. She’s my little girl, she’s our little girl.”

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Cake for One

And speaking of her getting what she wants… Guess who got the cake and ate it too?!

Happy Number Two

With the water in the background and a kiss to his daughter’s cheek, Thompson celebrated Rome’s second birthday by saying, “There’s no one like you in this world baby girl. And I love you like no other, always and everywhere.”

Halloween Princess

Here’s a peek into Rome’s Halloween fun back in 2019, as she and Bowie walked hand in hand with each carrying a bucket of treats.

Hiking Adventures

Fans can take a walk with Thompson, Rome and brother Bowie as they marched down the trail on a sunny morning.

And here’s to new adventures ahead for Rome and her family!

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