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Credit: CBS

We are 1,000 percent in her corner.

All The Young and the Restless did was send out a tweet teasing a scene between Sally and Nick. In response, one viewer directed a 43-word insult at Courtney Hope. And as depressing as it is that spouting venom would be anyone’s go-to, especially about something as innocuous as a soap preview, we were kind of inspired by the way that the actress stood tall. We should all be so strong.

“Never in my life,” Hope began, “have I seen such hatred spewed at myself, or any individual, for that matter. Your comments are unwarranted and completely ignorant, not to mention transphobic, which is intolerable.

“Your obsession with criticizing and bullying me,” she added, “is downright pathological. Get help.”

It being 2022 on social media, everybody gets an opinion about everything, some of those POVs being exceptionally ugly. For our money, though, Hope is the badass of all badasses, an MVP so compelling that when Sally’s story ran its course on The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS crossed her over to The Young and the Restless rather than lose her.

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For what it’s worth — anything? Nothing? — we’re also absolutely here for a Sally/Nick pairing. In fact, we’ve been champing at the bit for one since as far back as when he was still with Phyllis. But if we can’t get a Nick and the battle of the redheads storyline, we’ll be more than happy to content ourselves with Sally being the object of the affections of both of the Newman brothers. Not for nothing, but it’d make a fine change of pace after the lengths to which she went in hopes of marrying Wyatt to see her being pursued. Maybe with less faked terminal illness and the kidnapping of a rival, but… you know what we mean.

As you join us in cheering on Hope, review Sally’s long trail of mischief in the below photo gallery.