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Well, we’ll be damned. 

Some folks are destined for stardom, while others have it thrust upon them. Then, of course, there are those who work hard to reach the top of their game. Those are folks like The Young and the Restless‘ Eric Braeden — you don’t become the Victor Newman by sitting back and taking it easy!

Still, it’s now become clear that as hard as he’s worked, Braeden has truly been a star since birth.

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When Nikki and Victor superfan, Donna Smith, tweeted a photo of a little baby Braeden, the internet just about broke under the cuteness strain. Look at that face! We could swear we just caught Victor calmly explaining to an enemy just why he’s going to destroy them.

Braeden himself quickly retweeted the photo after replying to it with plenty of laughs, and then The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sean Kanan (Deacon) picked the “#BabyLegend.”

“Holy hell,” he exclaimed as he retweeted. “I see it. Is that a little 5 o’clock shadow I see on the upper lip?”

Clearly, it’s not hard to spot Braeden in little Hans Jörg Gudegast (the actor’s birth name), as countless fans pointed out.

“It’s the eyes,” Rosanne83198266 suggested.

“How adorable,” Paula Dejuri replied, adding that, “Yes, Eric, you still have the same face. It’s a little Victor Newman.”


With all that said, it’s not just the face, or even the eyes, it’s everything from the sharp dress to the attitude — something Baby Braeden had in spades!

“OMG, Arroyo Alhammadi replied, “the same sharp look, as if he knew it all since a baby!”

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