Amelia Heinle and Michelle Stafford YR
Credit: John Paschal/JPI;Bjoern Kommerell

It’s all in fun as these two soap-star parents give a lesson in how to embarrass your kids.

The Young and the Restless vet Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) posted a video with her co-star Amelia Heinle (Victoria) and explained that while she was putting it together she made them into cartoons. However, that wasn’t what caught our eye, it was the name of the new series they’d created…

“This is our first in a series called ‘How to Embarrass Georgia and Natalia’,” Stafford announced. “I think we will be quite successful at it.”

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In the video, the actresses are standing side by side behind the scenes at the CBS Studio, dressed in long gowns for what appears to be a major upcoming event in Genoa City, as Stafford instructed Heinle, “These are the steps.” Both ladies then scissor-clapped their hands together as Stafford shouted, “It’s about damn time!” Heinle had to adjust her position in order to get the best movement then the ladies carried on with their song and dance.

“Ya know, go big or go home,” Stafford continued. “It seems that we embarrass our 12-year-old daughters on a daily basis so we might as well document it for you all. More videos to come… get ready, girls.”

We can just imagine the look on their faces… not only when they see their moms lighting up social media but hearing that there will be more shenanigans to come — and we’re here for it!

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