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Abbott’s blindside leads to his podcast partner (and ex) making a shocking move of her own.

Things have been coming up roses for Chelsea, who tells everyone she speaks to that she’s happier and more fulfilled than she’s been in a long time doing the podcast with Billy, but as is wont to happen on Young & Restless these days, she may be in for yet another career change… and this one she won’t see coming.

Chelsea tells anyone who’ll listen in Genoa City what a great place she’s been in lately, and how fulfilled she has been by her work as Billy’s co-host. Melissa Claire Egan explained in SOD, Chelsea “loves the podcast,” which “has been therapeutic for her.”

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The podcasts have been a welcome outlet for Billy as well, but because he’s, well, Billy, his enthusiasm for the venture landed him in hot water with his boss, who also happens to be his girlfriend. Yup, Lily went off on Abbott when his collaboration with Chelsea made him critically late for a conference call and fumed about his lack of support for her as her COO.

After learning of the dust-up, Chelsea suggested Billy back out of his corporate obligations, which aren’t really up his alley anyway, and took pains to emphasize how well she knows him. So what he ends up doing instead is bound to throw her for a loop…
Chelsea questions Billy Y&R

Perhaps believing that Lily knows best, and reluctant to be characterized as the perpetual screw-up again, it seems Billy realizes that something has to give and decides to quit… the podcast. It seems a surprising move — and frankly, one that seems destined to backfire and cause even more trouble in both his working and personal relationships with Lily, but there it is.

Billy encourages Chelsea to continue the podcast on her own, but she’s not keen. This leaves them working together on their final show and leads them into one of those brainstorming sessions in which they riff off of each other so well. You know, the kind that’s so good it makes you forget about an important conference call.

This time around, Chelsea is “feeling” the moment to such an extent that she does something totally shocking to both of them — she kisses Billy!

Unlike her smooch with very-married Rey Rosales, which was safely in her dreams, this one is real. Billy pulls away quickly, which leaves his counterpart “mortified.” Of her alter-ego’s move, Egan remarked, “It’s so inappropriate.”

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Awkward! So, where do Billy and Chelsea go from there? Well, there’s no telling how the final podcast will turn out, but Egan explains that Chelsea is left humiliated and “doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to face him again.”

Considering the reformed con artist is almost certainly harboring dreams of a future with her former fiance, we have a feeling she’ll find a way. In the meantime, Billy’s not the only one who is onto her — watch for Chloe to confront her bestie about having a crush on Abbott as well!

Will Billy’s decision to quit the podcast backfire by making him even more resentful of his job as Lily’s COO? Where will Chelsea land now that the podcast is off the table? Will this situation negatively impact her hopes of spending time with Johnny? Let us know how you think it will play out in the comment section.

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