Chelsea and Billy have a connection YR
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Chloe worries Chelsea is falling for Billy again.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of August 22 – 26, Chelsea takes Billy’s breath away. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Chelsea joined Billy for one of his podcasts and talked about the work she’s done in therapy to improve herself. She also was hoping to make other changes, including having more of a relationship with Johnny. She wanted him to know that she was his biological mother, and Connor his brother. Victoria wasn’t keen on the idea, but Chelsea felt the truth would eventually come out one day.

Billy took Victoria out for drinks to help her relax, and Chelsea, who spotted them together, admired how their friendship brought out the best in each other. Billy later admitted to Chelsea that he’s getting the feeling Lily may want him to give up his podcast.

Coming up, during another podcast, Billy tells Chelsea that he’s very grateful that she came into the picture. He admits they are good together.

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In another scene, Chloe tells Chelsea that Billy turns on that Abbott charm and she loses perspective. Chelsea insists she’s not falling for Billy.

Back to the podcast taping, Billy tells Chelsea that this relationship is unlike any other one he has in his life, it’s a unique connection. Chelsea responds by moving in and planting a kiss on him!

What do you think viewers? Will Billy push her away, or stay true to Lily? And who do you really want to see Billy with romantically? Lily, Chelsea, or back with Victoria?

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