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The scene is set for Genoa City’s next illicit affair to unfold.

Chancellor-Winters was established on Young & Restless as a family firm that was all about making Neil and Katherine proud, but it hasn’t all been good vibes — far from it — and all signs are pointing to some very NSFW (not suitable for work) shenanigans coming down the pike.

It’s only a matter of time before a stunning cheating scandal unfolds. Unfortunately for Lily and her great vision, when it happens, it could spell doom for the company. The question is… who is going to hook-up? Or perhaps, who is going to hook-up first?!

Nate and Imani
Imani has been flirting with the dashing former doc since she first laid eyes on him, and it’s been lost on exactly no one. At this point, things have escalated, with the woman actively pursuing an agenda where Nate’s concerned. Yep, she’s been manipulating and pot-stirring all over the place, encouraging him to take risks at work, making opportunities to spend time alone with him, and chatting him up long-distance.

Nate’s girlfriend Elena is onto her but he insists on looking at the situation with rose-colored glasses — which tells us he’s enjoying the attention. Elena declared to Devon that she feels like she and Nate are pulling apart, which is soap-speak for “the door is wide-open for Imani”.

With Nate currently butting heads with his cousin Devon and his live-in-love, Imani’s chances of getting him into bed during a commiseration session are sky-rocketing. Nate is no stranger to cheating — he and Elena got together when she was still with Devon. There’s a messy history there and things are already volatile in the workplace, so the COO and company attorney hooking-up behind the new podcaster’s back would undoubtedly push Lily and her firm into chaos!
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Elena and Devon
These two were once in love and co-habitating but the arrival of his dead wife’s lookalike sister in Genoa City threw the relationship into crisis. Elena’s insecurities led to her cheating with Nate, and although she and Devon had a couple of “closure” sessions, aka passionate romps, they ultimately went their separate ways. Fast-forward to the present, and they’re in close proximity again.

Elena, feeling she might be responsible for residual tension between the cousins, paid Devon a visit to try and smooth the waters. This, of course, brought up the history amongst them, which could be taken as a smoke signal to the audience that the past is about to be revisited. Elena next crossed paths with Devon after a fight with Nate about Imani, and admitted to him that although she was excited to be working at Chancellor-Winters with her beau, she felt they were pulling apart. Devon was sympathetic and assured her that she could talk to him if needed — another ping on the radar that something is coming.

Devon’s live-in-love Amanda is out of town and he’s offering Elena a shoulder to lean on? Yep, that’s a recipe for a cheating scandal, and again, one that would implode the working relationships at Chancellor-Winters!
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Billy and Chelsea
We’re gonna call them the wild cards in the “who’s gonna cheat first” sweepstakes because Billy and Lily aren’t having problems and seem to overcome any hurdle thrown at them. That said, if you count out Chelsea Lawson, well, you don’t know her very well or you’ve forgotten what she’s capable of (get a refresher on Chelsea’s history here).

Chelsea needs to fill a void after the object of her slightly-obsessive affections, Rey Rosales, died, and who better to take his place than the ex-fiance she’s co-hosting a podcast with? From broaching the subject of playdates with their biological son Johnny, to hinting that Billy should quit as Lily’s COO, to playfully throwing popcorn at him in the studio, Chelsea’s agenda is becoming clearer by the day.

Billy, who single-handedly puts the “restless” in Young & Restless can be counted on to mess things up, and also has a history of cheating. Billy falling into Chelsea’s clutches might not tank Chancellor-Winters, but it would certainly leave the CEO an emotional mess and she might have to cut loose their most profitable podcasts!
Billy Chelsea Y&R

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Which Chancellor-Winters employees will cheat? All of the above, none of the above, one or two of the above? Share your predictions in the comment section below.

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