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He has to do what’s right for his boy!

A few months back, The Young & the Restless seemed about to set us up for the mother (or is it father?) of all custody battles as Devon realized he wanted in on little Dominic’s life, only for Abby to balk. Fans picked sides, the tension between mother, bio-father and adoptive father grew and… then they all decided to be one big, happy family and share custody, despite the fact that Devon had originally agreed to be more of a hands-off donor.

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Break out the marshmallows because we’re singing “Kumbaya!”

That’s all well and good, but what if that surprisingly amicable resolution was just a prelude to something that would end up getting far uglier down the line?

A good part of Devon’s original doubts and desire to be there for Dominic stemmed from his worry that the kid wouldn’t be getting the benefit of stable parents – or at least not the benefit of one stable parent! Chance was having a hard time not only with the trauma of his past, but also with fatherhood and bonding with little Dominic.

A bond, though, was never a problem for Devon, who fell in love with his biological son pretty much from the moment he was born.

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“OK, OK, calm down Abby. All I’m saying is, if you two weren’t such bad parents, this would never have happened!”

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Now, Abby and Chance seem to be walking on dangerous ground as he investigates Ashland’s death and whatever nefarious coverup the Newmans engaged in with it. That’s something that hasn’t been sitting well with Abby, despite their little chat when they agreed with how wonderful it is that they can be “open and honest” with each other.

Abby’s dad could end up locked up thanks to her husband. Loving and understanding is great, but she’s already made clear that while devotion to work is important, so is devotion to family. In fact, Victoria seems a bit more understanding of what Chance has to do than his own wife! And that could very well mean big trouble.

A schism between Abby and Chance would be sure to bring up all those worries that Devon had about his boy not being raised in a stable environment. And stirring those feelings up may make him want to, once again, push for more.

Dominic isn’t this new little life that Abby and Chance are still trying to adjust to. They’ve been raising him, bonding with him and growing with him. On top of that, Abby just told Devon how he gave her two of her three greatest loves: Society and Dominic.

But great love or not, any potential split between the two could throw the whole delicate arrangement into chaos and prompt Devon to say, “You’re both a mess. I can provide my boy with the stable environment he deserves.”

It would be devastating to his parents, and surely Devon would know that… but he has to look out for what’s most important for his son. That’s what first made him speak up to begin with.

The question is: Would he go there? Would the show? Would the fans forgive him if he did?

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