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“They were two peas in a pod.” 

Lauralee Bell is a big believer in seeking out the positive aspects of life. If there’s a bright side to a dark situation, she will do her best to find it. So although mom Lee Phillip Bell passed away back in February of 2020, the actress — who has played Young & Restless‘ Christine on-and-off since 1983 — has found a beautiful way to keep her spirit alive.

“I’m definitely a flower lover,” she told Instagram followers while posing with a gorgeous bouquet. “Having them around keeps me close to my mom now that she’s gone. She loved flowers for their beauty and ability to brighten our days, but also because she grew up in a florist family.”

In fact, long before Lee and William J. Bell (who passed away in 2005) co-created the show on which their daughter now appears, flowers played a huge role in her life. “Her first job was sweeping the floors in her family’s flower ship,” shared Lauralee.


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Although hard-hit by her mother’s passing, Lauralee told us last year that she believed the timing to be a blessing… and one in which her father played a very big role.

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“We never thought she would live 15 years after my father passed away,” she admits, “just because they were two peas in a pod. I feel like my dad just came and swooped her up when [Covid] was starting, because, given that she was suffering from forms of dementia, it would have been very confusing for her to have people not able to visit or, when they did, having to wear masks. So I think my dad looked down and said, ‘Okay, enough is enough. I’m going to take you with me now.'”

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