This week I’m having trouble in spots with the believability factor of some Y&R storylines, which seem a little thin, and/or rushed, and suspiciously plot-driven. I prefer quick-moving story to dragged out drivel, and I’ve been entertained a lot this week, so that’s the good news. The bad news? I feel like most Genoa City residents are half-off their rockers! Here’s what stood out:

Bictoria: The Billy and Victoria New Year’s Eve flashbacks were great. How about her undressing him?! The writers had me on the edge of my seat for a minute, wondering if Victoria had pulled another ‘Deacon’ and fooled around on JT with Billy! Seriously, though, the Billy/Victoria scenes are really working – unfortunately, just in time for her to leave for Dubai (aka, maternity leave)… I think it works because the love/hate scenario between them is so realistic, and not out of the blue. Just imagine Victor’s response to a Victoria/Billy affair – eeeyowch!

Fluffy Hair Award – Tucker McCall, hands down. What a mane, er, man…

Jo-Jo Yo-Yo: I don’t know which is worse, the idea the Jo-Jo is Katherine’s daughter and we’re going to be subjected to weeks/months of her being made into a ‘new’ woman, or the idea that she’s not really Katherine’s daughter and we’re going to be subjected to weeks/months of figuring out what’s really going on – here’s hoping this isn’t another conspiracy to bag Kay’s fortune – been there, done that! On the plus-side, I giggled at Billy’s reaction to Jo-Jo, which also filled me with relief that he hasn’t become a total sap.

If I Had a Protest Sign: It would read, “No More Billy/Mac Scenes!” I just couldn’t care less what goes on between them. Yawn…

What a Target: Does anyone else NOT care who is targeting Chance? This guy’s turning out to be a total killjoy! For example, just as the blissfully entertaining free-for-all gets underway at the Club, who appears but Dudley Do-Right, asking, “Is there a problem here?” Get back to your seat, Chance, you’re suspended, remember? Bleh. Chance’s effect on Chloe hasn’t been good either – she’s become a little fusspot – so much more fun watching her in scenes with Billy Boss Boy!

Where Oh Where Can He Be: The scenes where Amber and Deacon faced-off over the whereabouts of Little D were really good – you could feel the pull and emotion from each of them! As a former B&B viewer, I’m excited at the possibility of Amber’s mom (Tawny) being brought into this – now there’s a character!

Wilted Daisy: Daisy’s mewling little girl voice is on my last nerve – I think it was her who set the house on fire too. Team Eden!

Standing Alone: I’m almost certainly in the minority on this, but I’m enjoying NuMalcolm and his ‘tude. I figure it’s because I simply refuse to compare him to Shemar Moore (few could compare), and I’m loving how he stands up to holier-than-thou Neil, who infuriatingly insists on continuing to treat his grown, married daughter like she hasn’t a brain in her head. Please! And what’s with Cane jumping on that bandwagon? It doesn’t even make sense, writers! Cane would have noticed how happy Malcolm’s arrival made Lily feel – he’s always on her side – kissing Neil’s butt isn’t his style.

Sham, Shack, Phick, Phack: Just wake me when it’s all over. I can’t stand all this continuing drama surrounding petulant, self-centered Nick Newman! Phyllis is a dynamo character who needs a real powerhouse storyline rather than this domestic idiocy, and Sharon, who writers promised would be stronger, is still focusing all her energies on dealing with Nick and Jack’s reactions to her choices! I did enjoy Noah’s reaction to the nuptial news, though. He can come across as an impertinent little snot, but he somehow managed to express the frustration viewers felt over her impetuous and rather radical choice to jump into marriage with Adam – drastic much?!