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Genoa City’s Noah Newman shares a celebration that earned him kudos from his girlfriend… and a look of disdain from his pooch.

It’s coming up on a whole year since Rory Gibson made his memorable first appearance on Young & Restless as Noah Newman in October 2021. Viewers were glued to their televisions for the “wedding of the century” — Ashland and Victoria’s nuptials at the Tuscan villa — when in walked her nephew, who had been living in London, England.

While coming in as a recast is never easy for an actor, Gibson seemed made for the part. Not only did he have a similar look to his predecessor, Robert Adamson, but he embodied the character’s mellow personality and the good looks of his “parents”, Nick and Sharon.

Noah Newman

Noah was a heartbroken soul when he rejoined the family and decided to make the move back to Genoa City, having been dumped by a fickle bartender who didn’t want to go the distance (how many times have you heard that tale of woe?). Anyway, Noah then developed a crush on his ex-girlfriend Tessa, who was romantically involved with his sister. This left a bad taste in the mouth of fans who recalled the animosity with which they parted ways, but alas…

Noah realized his feelings for Tessa were inappropriate and fought them valiantly, spending his nights drinking and carousing with a long line of women who never stuck around. Eventually, he took to helping Tessa and Mariah plan their wedding, which must have been cathartic or provided closure or some such thing, as he was able to be happy for them and was emotionally ready to move on.

Enter Allie Nguyen.

Jack’s granddaughter came to town and immediately bristled at Noah’s lame attempts to crack jokes, which was a sure sign that they were destined to get together. Sure enough, they bonded while debating about Billy’s podcasts and have become cozier than two bugs in a rug.

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With Noah having cut ties with his dad’s charity, New Hope, in a bid to establish an art-themed nightclub in town, and his romantic life back on track, Gibson took time to look back fondly on an unforgettable moment in his journey — finding out he had landed the role on Young & Restless.

Gibson made an Instagram post chock full of photos of him and various cast members, including a really cool shot of him and Joshua Morrow taping a scene as Noah and Nick that shows exactly what it looks like behind-the-scenes when filming on Crimson Lights’ patio. Who knew the coffee joint was right next to the Chancellor mansion’s living room? No wonder Chance spends so much time there!

Looking back, Gibson mused, “1 year ago today I walked into CBS and did a screen test for Noah. After a short ride home and about 5 missed calls from my agents, I found out I had gotten the part.”

Happily, the actor shared a video taken by his girlfriend of the very moment he got the big news. She’s hooting her approval, he’s pacing around saying, “I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now. My whole body just feels numb,” and one of his dogs — hilariously — gives him a look of total disdain.

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Reflecting, Gibson added, “This past year has been a gift and I’m very grateful to call Y&R my home.” And we’re so glad he joined the show! Check out all the goodies in his post below:

Supportive cast members jumped into the comments of Gibson’s social media remembrance, including Courtney Hope (Sally) with, “Hell yes!”, Connor Floyd (Chance) with, “Gang, gang,” and others with a parade of emojis. Sharon Case (Sharon), Sean Dominic (Nate), Brytni Sarpy (Elena), Cait Fairbanks (Tessa), and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) all stopped in.

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What do you want to see happen in Rory Gibson’s storyline as Noah? Share your ideas with us and let him know how happy you are that he joined Young & Restless in the comments.

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