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“Move on, people in Genoa City!”

When Diane Jenkins rose from the grave, The Young and the Restless warned us that “the original bad girl” was back. It seemed as if the writing was one the wall, and it indicated that Kyle’s mom would turn several lives upside down. Instead, Diane has — for the most part — been playing nice. And in doing so, she’s made major inroads with Jack, Kyle… and some viewers.

Truth be told, we sort of assumed that people in both Genoa City and the audience would hold a major grudge against Diane. She did, after all, abandon her son for most of his life, then waltz back in wanting to pick things up where they left off. Certainly some viewers — much like Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley — remain on high-alert where Jack’s ex is concerned. Others, however, believe that she’s a changed woman who deserves a second chance.

“Diane is still paying for what she did years ago,” pointed out Mary on Twitter. “Move on, people in Genoa City!”

Others, however, are pretty sure that Diane is exactly the same person she always was and will sooner or later reveal her true colors. “Do we think Diane is a sincerely decent, good person who deserves redemption and forgiveness?” asked Dawn-Marie. “I don’t!”

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Finally, there are those who don’t believe Diane has changed… but also say that she’s no worse than half the residents of Genoa City in general, and specifically, the ladies joining forces to try and bring her down! For example, J told the Twitterverse that she’s “Team Diane all the way!” Why? “Phyllis and Nikki are hypocrites. They do exactly the same [things] Diane does and has done in the past. Do I believe Diane has changed? No. But I do think she’s genuinely trying to stay on a better path.”

Even amongst those who can’t decide exactly how they feel about Diane, many agree that all of the women involved in the story are behaving childishly. One person even went so far as to dub Diane’s enemies “the high school ladies!”

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Although we’re somewhat surprised by the divide — having assumed people would largely see Diane as a returning villain — we really shouldn’t have been. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that no matter how often someone says that “everyone” feels one way, there are going to be folks who take the opposite position!

Want to see how Diane wound up becoming such a polarizing character? Check out her life in pictures, below.