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Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The CBS soap vet’s son joins the fight to make the world a better place.

It’s not often that The Young and the Restless vet Joshua Morrow (Nick) posts on social media but when he does it’s something to take notice of — and this time, it’s for a very good cause. Now, we have to admit… When we first saw the photo in the tweet we thought it was of a young Morrow — but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, the tweet contained a picture of his look-a-like, his 17-year-old son Crew.

“Hey everyone,” Morrow called out to fans. “I don’t do much on this anymore but my amazing son Crew started a line of hoodies to help Ukraine.” After urging his followers to “check it out,” Morrow expressed, “I hope you’re well.”

As listed on the site, Crew first created the orangejuice brand in March 2020 “amidst the chaos and confusion… a time when the corona virus was at its climax.” The brand “sought ways in which it could inspire, ways it could innovate, and ways it could help those in need.”

Crew designed the hoodies on the 13th of that month and not long after, all of the proceeds — 100% of them — went to help those affected by the virus, which included providing over 3000 meals. Now, two years later, Morrow’s son has brought his brand back to “join the fight and stand with Ukraine.”

What an inspiration Crew is and we commend him for joining the fight to try to make this world a better place! Morrow and his wife Tobe, as well as Crew’s siblings, Cooper, Cash and Charlie, must be so proud.

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The last time Morrow posted on Twitter was in May to announce that he had joined various daytime stars on Cameo and invited fans to reach out to him if “you’re bored.”

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