Phyllis vows to bury diane YR
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Will Phyllis or Diane come out on top?

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of August 8 – 12, the plot to get rid of Diane continues. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Last week Jack was impressed with Diane’s relationship with Harrison and was glad he got to spend a few minutes with Ashland before he did. Diane later took Harrison to the park, where she got into it with Phyllis, who had no idea the little boy was lurking about when she tore into Diane. Naturally, Jack was there to witness the altercation and told Phyllis the drama never ends with her.

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Later Diane continued to butter up Jack by bringing some books on grief for Harrison, and Ashley was perturbed to see Diane slithering back into Jack’s life. Ashley then met with Nikki and Phyllis to plot against Diane, and was uneasy about them using Marchetti to get to Diane given it’s now a Jabot company.

Coming up, Diane gloats to Phyllis that her new life in Genoa City is better than she could have ever dreamed. Phyllis simply smiles at her, probably biting her tongue the entire time so she doesn’t flip out and say something to further push Jack into siding with Diane.

However, later she assures Nikki that she is 100 percent commented to burying Diane. Nikki tells her to get Diane out of town for good!

Billy meets with Phyllis and tells her to brace herself because there is always collateral damage in war. She asks him, “What makes you think I will lose?”

What do you think fans? Has Diane changed? Is Phyllis only setting herself up for a downfall? Or will she come out the victor in the end?

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube