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It’s time for Sheila to get the hell out of Dodge Los Angeles.

Judgment day could be just around the corner for Sheila Carter. Now that The Bold and the Beautiful has revealed all of her (latest) crimes, from pushing Brooke off the wagon to going on a shooting spree in Il Giardino’s back alley, she’s got to beat a hasty retreat. But where to?

We’d love to see her go back to where her reign of terror began more than a quarter of a century ago: The Young and the Restless’ Genoa City. Not to attempt another do-over, though. Not to avoid the repercussions of her actions but to pay for them. And the architect of her downfall: Michael Baldwin.

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“Me, hatch a brilliantly wicked plot? Don’t mind if I do.”

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Justice Is Served… Cold

Suppose Michael were to catch a glimpse of an on-the-lam Sheila. He wouldn’t think twice about taking matters into his own hands, going so far as to subdue the woman who for so many years tormented his wife Lauren and throwing her in the trunk of his car.

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From there, Michael could toss Sheila into a cell. (We’re sure most fine department stores have ’em, right? At least soap-opera department stores.) “Is this it, then?” she might ask. “You’re just going to hold me prisoner for the rest of my life?”

Michael would admit that indeed, he was going to do so. But she didn’t have to worry that she’d get bored. The rest of her life wasn’t going to be very long at all.

sheila shoots steffy and finn bb

Lest anyone forget…

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Hell, Hell, the Gang’s All Here

While Sheila searches frantically for a way to escape, Michael would fill in Lauren, whose immediate reaction would be panic. “There’s no need for that,” Michael would tell her. “I am ending this. I am ending her.”

With an eerie calm, Michael would contact everyone whom Sheila has hurt the most. Well, the ones that are still living, anyway. Daughters Mary and Diane. Son Ryder. Steffy and Finn, and Brooke, Taylor and Ridge. He’d gather them all for the psycho’s ultimate going-away party.

From left, that’s Ryder, Mary and lil’ Diana with dad Massimo.

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Time to Pay the Piper

As the “event” gets underway, everyone would take a turn reading Sheila for filth, itemizing the acts of heartlessness and cruelty that made up her litany of sins. The baby-snatching. The offspring-warping. The conniving and killing and…

Through it all, as you’d expect, Sheila would defend herself. “I had no choice,” she’d insist. “You always had a choice,” Michael would fire back. “Always. In every single situation you created for yourself, you had a choice. And every single time, you blamed someone else. You shirked responsibility. You ran. Well, no more.”

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Michael would pull out a syringe with which he intended to end Sheila’s life in front of all those that she had wronged so horrifically. Some — Taylor, for instance — might balk. This was going too far. But even Sheila’s children would refuse to plead her case. “Your compassion is a beautiful thing,” Finn would tell his mother-in-law. “But it has no place here.

“This isn’t going too far,” he’d add. “This isn’t even going far enough. Because if I could, Sheila, I wouldn’t just stand by and watch you die, I’d stand by, watch you and drag you to hell myself!”

sheila mashup

All this, and she was a so-so waitress, too.

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Crime and Punishment

With her dying breath, Sheila would curse all those in attendance. “You think this is justice,” she’d hiss. “You think this is karma. You’re only condemning yourselves. You’ll never be free of me now. Never.

“You’ll see my face every time you close your eyes,” she’d go on. “You’ll hear my voice in your head. You can never be rid of me now — I’m a part of you.”

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In the aftermath, Michael would instruct everyone to go back to their lives, secure in the knowledge that Sheila could never harm them again. But at least one guest at his “killer” get-together would end up feeling so guilty that they confess to the authorities, thus setting the stage for an explosive trial in which a court will decide, in essence, whether Michael got the last laugh… or Sheila.

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