Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

Beware the whirlwind that is… Rufus!

The Young and the Restless‘ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) may, at one point, have thought that her family was done growing after the birth of her daughter, Natalia, and son, Jameson. If she did, though, she thought wrong! There was, apparently, room for at least one more family member, because one year ago, she adopted a four-legged fur baby named Rufus!

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And Stafford didn’t let the anniversary go paid without a special shoutout to her bloodhound, who could not have been a cuter puppy!

“A year ago today,” the actress shared on Instagram, “this terror joined our family.”

Terror? Look at that adorable face! He’s all snuggled up, cradled by Natalia and tuckered out on the floor next to Jameson. Terror, indeed.

Then again…

Those who’ve been following Stafford regularly, first met Rufus quite some time ago — though we never quite got those adorable puppy shots until now! But over the past year, the actress has fondly shared stories of her canine and his love of playing in mud puddles and peeing all over her floor.

One of her earliest Rufus posts summed up his beloved terrorizing perfectly.

“This new family member of ours (Rufus) is wild and crazy,” she shared on Instagram. “He has already dug up all of our flowers in the front. He lays down on his pee pee pads and pees on the wood floor. He jumps on my white sofa with his muddy paws. He thinks our hands are chew toys, but we love him so much! He has added so much life to our home!”

Well, Rufus is still young, but eventually, he may calm down a bit… Or not! In the meantime, all Stafford and family can do is enjoy the energy a happy puppy brings to their home. And maybe keep some sofa cleaner handy at all times!

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