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Ms. Spectra’s warning that Adam’s plan would backfire may begin to play out in an unexpected way.

Sally and Adam’s knock-down-drag-out fight left her walking out his door predicting that by the time he realized what an epic screw-up he’d made by dumping her to protect her job, it would be too late… because she’d have moved on. If that’s not foreshadowing, we don’t know what is.

Jumping ahead to her conversation with Sharon, who tried to give her best advice when it comes to Adam — a tricky prospect under the best of circumstances — talk for some reason turned to his relationship with his brother Nick. Sharon recapped that they had made nice after Adam donated a kidney to save Faith’s life, but emphasized the historical bad blood between them just waiting to find a reason to flare up. More foreshadowing, if you ask us.

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Sally later ran into Nick at Crimson Lights, and from the moment she walked in and said, “Misery loves company”, we could see where this was heading. He proceeded to be appalled by her decision to resign from Newman Media, and in what might be yet another hint at what’s coming, trashed his brother’s track record with women, before urging Sally to reconsider.

Nick had already championed Sally’s cause with Victoria and is bound to become her “go-to” at work. Her right-hand woman Chloe will certainly encourage her in Nick’s direction romantically — a much-preferred alternative to Adam in her mind, we’re sure.

We already predicted that Nick and Sally will get together (and we were more sure than ever when she approached him to commiserate in Crimson Lights) but initially, we assumed it was because Young & Restless was gearing up for a Nick/Sally/Adam love triangle. Now? We’re not so sure about that.

Why? Adam appears to have left, not only the building, but also Genoa City.

Adam removed himself from the equation when he booked a flight to Las Vegas. Granted, we’ve yet to see confirmation that he’s gone, but we’re assuming he’s decided this is the only way to let Sally do her thing as CEO of the media division without having him around as a constant diversion.

So, who will be left to object if Sally and Nick get together?

Her new “pal” Sharon of course! Sharon has leaned on Nick since Rey passed away, and even before that happened, the exes had been spending a lot of time together with their kids as he recovered from his break-up with Phyllis.

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We can imagine Sharon not wanting to interfere if Nick and Sally begin getting closer, but realizing that her feelings for her former husband reignited when she wasn’t paying attention.

Sharon helping Sally and becoming one of her only confidantes in town (despite all odds) puts another twist into the proceedings that will certainly have viewers feeling some kinda way about what’s playing out.

While it may not have the passion and darkness a triangle with Adam might have had, we’re not opposed to the idea of this messiness.

For one thing, Sharon needs a story. Watching this lead character dole out coffee and advice by the month is beyond frustrating. Secondly, Nick and Sally have chemistry, Nick and Sharon have chemistry, and Sharon and Sally’s relationship has just thawed… so this could be a very hot triangle and a very soapy entanglement if done right.

It also leaves the door open for Adam to return to the unimaginable at a later date. Delicious!

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Look back on Nick and Sharon’s enduring love story in the photo gallery below.