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It’s time for a redheaded earthquake to shake up Los Angeles!

The Young and the Restless’ Phyllis has a Genoa City problem. Well, it’s mostly a Jack problem, but as we just saw last week, that’s starting to translate into her questioning why she’s even sticking around town at all!

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In fact, when she brought that very thing up, Jack didn’t do much of anything to give her a reason to stay! Right now, Phyllis’ vendetta against Diane is giving her a decent reason to stick things out, but if things go the way we fear they might, that could also end up convincing her that it’s time to leave!

According to the most recent issue Soap Opera Digest, Phyllis is starting a new career this week and agreeing to work with Summer at Marchetti. Fashion industry, here she comes! But this isn’t some mother/daughter bonding thing, despite what she tells her kid. Instead, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley decided she was the best candidate to get close to Diane and sabotage her!

That’s all well and good, but it seems like it would also provide the perfect cover for Phyllis to head out to Los Angeles for a bit and see what kind of dirt she can dig up on her nemesis. Maybe she could claim she wants to do a collaboration with Forrester Creations or something while she works, and make some new connections while she’s out there.

Phyllis spy hat park Y&R

It’s called fashion, darling, and in Los Angeles, this look would kill.

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Now, if this seems like a total mess waiting to happen… yeah, it probably is. Jack finding out just how obsessed Phyllis is with Diane probably won’t score any points, even if she does end up being right about the resurrected woman having not changed. And when Summer finds out her mom just wanted to use their connection to sabotage Diane (and in the process, very likely, Summer’s company), that probably won’t go over particularly well!

In fact, by the time this Diane vendetta is over, Phyllis could end burning pretty much all her Genoa City bridges. And when that happens, it might just be time to get out of Dodge, just like she was threatening with Jack. Heck, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s done that! Luckily, though, by the time everything unravels, Phyllis could have found the perfect place to retreat to: Los Angeles!

After that brief time collaborating, she could reconnect with the folks at Forrester and continue her brand new fashion career somewhere with a bit more of a hospitable climate than Genoa City. Ashley could give her the scoop on who’s who and what’s hot and maybe even help Phyllis get a job with them. Seeing as how even Jack’s sister thinks he’s being “dumb,” it seems like she’d be pretty willing to support Phyllis in whatever she needs to do to move on.

Plus, Phyllis would immediately have an “in” commiserating with the folks at Forrester about how much of a nightmare Sheila is. (Remember when she got plastic surgery to look like Phyllis?)

Then it’s time for some Los Angeles shenanigans! Would Phyllis bond with Brooke or take an immediate disliking? It probably depends on how much she turns Ridge’s head. The absolute last thing the blonde needs is another distraction for her hubby! Somehow, though, Phyllis seems more like a team Taylor kind of gal. The shared heartbreak of being treated poorly by Ridge and Jack can make for some powerful bonding.

And just imagine what would happen when Phyllis meets Bill. The Stallion and Red? Heck, that sounds like an entire show right there. Those two could raise holy hell and get more than enough steamy story to put them both firmly on the front burner where they belong. Plus, we can’t help but think she might start eying up the Spencer boys for potential fallback sons-in-law should Summer and Kyle ever hit the skids.

Well, maybe not Liam. Phyllis would likely have some strong feelings on how wishy-washy he is once she learns about his nonstop Steffy/Hope nonsense…

Jack dread Phyllis Y&R

“That’s right, Jack, I’ve moved on with somebody called ‘The Stallion.’ And trust me, he earned that name.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Once she falls in with Bill, though, she might start wearing away her warm Forrester welcome. Ashley and Lauren may have liked playing with the Forrester men, but Phyllis goes her own way.

And that’s what would make this such a great crossover. Phyllis wouldn’t be the first Genoa City transplant, but her time on Bold & Beautiful would be far from a rehash of what’s come before. It could breathe some much needed life into the redhead after the disaster we’re pretty sure is headed her way with Diane.

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What do you think? Would you like to see a change of scenery for Phyllis? Do you think she’d fit in over in Los Angeles?

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