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Watching the July 21 episode of The Young and the Restless (recapped here), we couldn’t believe our ears when Jack basically told Phyllis that he loved her too much to be able to care whether she remained in Genoa City. Dude, no. Just no. There are teenagers that still laugh at fart jokes and yet demonstrate greater emotional maturity than you’re displaying. W the actual H?

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Is the audience really supposed to buy that Jack is willing to write off the love of his life because she marked her territory in front of infamous poacher Diane? Because if we are supposed to buy that, then we must conclude one of two things: Either Phyllis is not the love of Jack’s life and we’ve been BS’d all this time, or Jack’s skin is flimsier than gossamer.

Where is your fight, man? Where is your sense of “love conquers all” or even just your sense, period? Go to counseling if you feel the need. Or go to couples counseling. (Bet Sharon would love to dole out advice to her ex-husband and longtime rival over muffins and lattes.) But don’t just say, “You’re acting like the old you” and throw in the towel. Act like someone for whom we can root.

Jack, Phyllis pain past Y&R

Is this a preview of Jack’s face when he realizes how dumb he’s been?

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Let’s be real, too. Jack isn’t exactly the catch of all catches. He’s handsome, charming and rich, sure. But he also has more ex-wives than the Abbott Mansion has rooms. Plus, he’s carrying more baggage than would fit in a warehouse. It takes work to be with him.

Phyllis is no walk in the park, either. She acts first, thinks later, has a past that’s checkered enough to be mistaken for a chess board and has rarely met a scene that she wouldn’t make. So what? Big whoop. If Jack can’t see beyond her flaws to the woman who is willing to overlook his flaws, Phyllis should pack it in and call it a day.

By which we do not mean leave Genoa City, we just mean leave Jack alone. Go out and date. Have some fun. Enjoy the fact that she’s gorgeous, vivacious and a race car in a world full of sedans. (Long before this, we suggested the perfect man from her history that should become a part of her future — see who we want here.) What do you think? If not “Move on,” what advice would you give Phyllis? On your way to the comments…

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