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“It’s a girl,” LaRue joked. “We expanded our family!”

It’s amazing what technology is capable of these days. Go digging around your DNA and ancestry, you might expect to find a distant cousin, twice removed somewhere out there. Maybe you’re the descendant of Genghis Khan or Napoleon. You know, something to brag about a bit, but nothing that really has much meaning.

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What Young & Restless‘ former Celeste Eva LaRue and her family discovered after a DNA test, though, was not just far more personal, it was like something ripped right out of a soap opera! For their entire lives, LaRue and her siblings thought they were only four. Her, sisters Nika and Lara, and their brother, Louis Jr.

That, though, changed dramatically after what they likely thought was a run-of-the-mill test.

“Thanks to 23AndMe,” the onetime Rosales matriarch shared on Instagram, “we are suddenly four sisters (and brother of course)!”

In the post, the actress included pics of all the sisters, along with the rest of the extended family which now, apparently, also includes a new niece and nephew!

“Sometimes, while you’re minding your own beeswax,” the actress continued, “life throws you a huge plot twist! Our new family members fit right in like we’ve been together all along. What a crazy miracle to be connected through relatively new DNA technology. So many feelings, revelations and puzzles to wade through and piece together. How weird, wonderful and incredible this life.”

In a world that seems dominated by horrible news, it’s nice to seem a little warmth and joy every now and then. You really never know what — or who! — the universe is going to bring your way.

We wish only the best for LaRue and her newly expanded family! Now if only we could find a long-lost Rosales sibling to bring the whole clan running back to Genoa City again!

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