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Will one man’s sacrifice lead to an old rivalry being reignited?

Young & Restless’ Sally was thrown for a loop when Victoria returned from New York and Adam elected to walk away from Newman Enterprises — what would become of her new job as CEO of Newman Media? But that was nothing compared to the utter blindside of Adam then declaring that the two of them were through!

After a love-making session to beat the band at the Grand Phoenix, Adam went missing in action for a brief time, before resurfacing and insisting that their relationship was really most sincerely dead. Sally saw through the bluff, which viewers know is all to try and preserve her position at the helm of the digital media company, and gave her lover an out… but he doubled-down.

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In an argument that could have been close enough to truth that Sally couldn’t be sure whether or not he was serious, Adam claimed that after taking some time to think through recent events, he had realized that his relationship with her cost him everything he had ever wanted. Yeah… wow. His reasoning? Victor disapproved of the redhead from the beginning and rather than push the point, decided to show his son how he felt by refusing to give him a real shot at becoming the heir to the Newman throne.
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Adam didn’t take the out.

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The cruelty did the trick and Sally finally believed that Adam was genuinely breaking up with her. She was crushed. As if this wasn’t bad enough, she didn’t even have time to down a pint of ice cream whilst sobbing her heart out, before she found herself facing Victoria and Nick, who had arrived in her office to make her life even worse by firing her.

The timing was good, as Nick and Victoria were on hand to witness the immediate aftermath of the break-up and Adam got in one last pitch for them to give Sally a chance. It didn’t appear to deter Victoria, however, who, despite the redhead’s evident tears and state of emotional distress, was clearly still bent on letting her go.

Sally may have landed on Victoria’s good side in Milan when she designed the wedding dress of her dreams, but it was hardly the time to bring it up given that her relationship status with estranged husband Ashland is currently best-defined as “hate-hate”. It’s irrelevant to her qualifications to run Newman Media anyway, so that wasn’t going to save her.

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Instead, Sally wiped away her tears and stood up for herself, touting her accomplishments and her vision to an impressed Nick and a surprised Victoria. When Sally invited them to go ahead and “get it over with” and fire her, Nick pulled his sister outside the office door to suggest that they give Sally a chance after all, given she shares their vision for the division.

Nothing happens on a soap opera without a reason and Nick going to bat for Sally had us sitting up and taking notice. We’re guessing Victoria will agree to keep Sally on for a trial run so long as Nick agrees to oversee the situation. Meaning Sally and Nick will be working in close proximity.

We first noticed their chemistry back when Sally flirted with Nick in front of Phyllis to get the volatile hotelier’s goat, and we have to wonder if Young & Restless has decided to revisit this potential pairing.

Sally, Nick treat to meet Y&R

“It was a treat to meet you.”

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The set up is soapy goodness: Nick lending Sally a sympathetic ear as she processes her heartbreak over Adam, growing closer as they work together… all building toward an inevitable kiss or hook-up, which would set off fireworks, not just between the two of them, but in the way of fallout as well.

Sharon has been relying heavily on Nick as a shoulder to lean on since Rey’s death and would undoubtedly be quite dismayed to once again see a man she has feelings for gravitating toward Sally.

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Adam, of course, has a long-standing history of animosity with his brother that has only recently been overcome thanks to his selfless act of donating a kidney to save Nick’s daughter Faith’s life. What irony if his latest sacrifice — letting go of the woman he loves to give her the chance to shine — were to indirectly lead to that rivalry being reignited?

Young & Restless has earned a reputation in recent years for backing away from soapy messiness, but if they actually go there, a Nick and Sally pairing could spark major drama and fallout!

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