Adam dumps Sally YR
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Victor issues a warning to Ashland.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of July 18 – 22, it’s the ultimate team-up to get Diane out of town. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After Nick rejoined Newman, Adam told his father he was done being the black sheep of the family and was out at the company. Victoria’s next move was to get rid of Sally Spectra. However, Victor felt keeping Sally on would also convince Adam to return to CEO of Newman Media. Adam however had other plans and told Victoria to give Sally a chance as CEO of the company, and that he was ending his relationship with her. Coming up, Adam tells Sally she is standing between him and everything that he wants. It definitely looks like he is staying true to his word and dumping her, or is Adam up to his old tricks again?

After Phyllis warned Kyle that eventually, Diane would show her true colors, Kyle later walked in on Nikki and Phyllis trying to turn Summer against Diane and warning she will be her downfall. Next week, Nikki tells Phyllis and Ashley, “If we all pooled our talents … Ashley responds, “Maybe we can get Diane out of our lives.”Phyllis chimes, “Forever this time!”

Finally, Ashland claimed to Victor and Victoria that he would leave town, but wanted one last visit with Harrison before he went. Victor refused to lift the restraining order. Later though Ashland ran into Harrison and Diane in the park, and she allowed Locke to visit with the boy. However, it was a trap set by Michael, who was poised to call the police on Ashland for violating the restraining order. From the preview, it indeed looks like Ashland lands in jail and Victor gloats to him that no one breaks his daughter’s heart and gets away with it. Seeing Ashland has teamed up with Adam, will he get the last laugh against Victoria and Victor?

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube