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If he can’t have her… nobody will?

Things have gone from bad to worse for Young & Restless’ Ashland Locke of late. Kyle took out a restraining order against him so he couldn’t see Harrison, Victoria duped him into believing he still wanted to be with him and then fleeced him, and his cancer lie was exposed publicly so as to ruin his reputation.

Throwing himself on the mercy of The Mustache, Locke asked him to intervene so as to allow him to say goodbye to Harrison, but even that was denied him. Nonetheless, he found a way to make a meeting with Harrison happen thanks to his new acquaintance Diane, who then set him up to be busted with the boy, thus violating his restraining order.

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The man truly has nothing left to lose at this point… which makes him more dangerous than ever before. And “before” was nothing to sneeze at considering her earned the nickname Locke Ness Monster. So what might he be capable of now? The answer is, “Almost anything.”

He struck a deal with Adam, who is of similar mind about exacting revenge on the Newman clan, and there’s certainly a possibility Locke will rally to team with the black sheep to try and takeover or sabotage Newman Enterprises in order to hit Victor and Victoria where it hurts. But in the meantime, Ashland is absolutely reeling personally and that could lead to trouble of a different sort.

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Locke’s breakdown into tears and trashing of his room at the Genoa City Athletic Club was a shocking illustration of just how volatile, devastated and desperate he’s become. It was triggered by the sight of the ring Victoria had had made especially for him, which she had returned unceremoniously in the bottom of a brown cardboard box. This means that Ashland is clearly still harboring not only deep regret about what happened between them, but perhaps deep resentment as well at her rejection of him.

Victoria’s decimation of her ex-husband and his prospects may well have pushed him too far.

According to a preview in SOD, Victoria’s set for a startling encounter with Ashland when she’s at home alone and finds him looking in at her through the French doors. So creepy, right?!

It turns out, although he assures her she has nothing to fear from him, Locke also alludes to having nothing left to lose, which is a tad frightening.

By the time Nick arrives on the scene, the lights are on but, it appears, nobody’s home. Unable to shake a bad vibe, Nick gets to snooping around and lets himself in the back door…

What will he find? Will Ashland and Victoria be arguing? Making out? Will Ashland be holding her captive in her own home or — gasp! — have committed the ultimate crime of passion and have killed her?!

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Our hunch is that Victoria will be sticking around, but we’ll have to wait to find out. What do you think will go down at Victoria’s house on that fateful night? Let us know in the comment section.

Look back on the romantic merger of Victoria and Ashland in the photo gallery below.