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This could be the making of a future twisted soap character… and it’s totally preventable.

While it’s kinda hard for us to relate to Kyle’s situation on Young & Restless, what with having had his parent come back from the dead after twenty years, it sure won’t stop us — or any soap fan — from having an opinion on how he’s handling it.

Kyle fairly quickly progressed past anger and wariness to acceptance of Diane after just a few conversations with her. Knowing her propensity for destroying peoples’ lives, we thought it a bit too quick, but we can’t help but agree with Young & Restless viewers who pointed out the complexities of the situation.

Kyle has only heard the bad stuff about his mother as second-hand news and only remembers her as a loving parent up to the point where she “left” him. It’s natural that he’d crave a relationship with his mom, and that something inside of him would desperately want to recapture the loving feeling he recalls from his childhood.

Emotionally, we can understand him wanting to gloss over the undesirable bits of their history and start anew. But the reality is that she decided to let him believe she had been brutally murdered and suffer agonizing grief all because the people in one town didn’t like her. It’s demented. There’s no way around it.

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Which brings us to the huge mistake he’s making. While it’s Kyle’s perogative to put his own heart on the line again, even knowing intellectually what she’s capable of, it’s entirely another to risk having his son’s world come crashing down in the same way.

Allowing Harrison to get so attached to Diane so quickly is truly inadvisable, and was kind of a surprising move on Kyle’s part, given how protective he was over the boy when she first returned.

Harrison has already been through a lot in his young life, what with Kyle being introduced as another father, his mother Tara going to jail and never being heard from again, gaining a new stepmother in Summer and moving to a foreign country (and then back again), and most recently, Ashland being torn from his life.
Harrison Y&R

How much more can this child take?! We don’t want him to grow up to be another twisted soap opera character, right?!

Nope, we’d be handling this kid with, well, kid gloves. Exposing him to Diane and opening him up to the potential of more heartbreak seems like a big misstep on Kyle’s part. He might have given it some more time to see how his mother’s return would play out and make sure she could remain stable over time before allowing her to get to know his son. Heck, he’s even invited her into the family business!

Anything could happen — Diane might even run off with Harrison and traumatize them all in new and different ways than before!

We all know what’s coming with Diane, who is no more reformed than the notorious Sheila Carter, who is now back wreaking havoc on Bold & Beautiful. Jenkins is a ticking time bomb… and as Phyllis and Nikki have warned, no facet of Kyle, Summer and Harrison’s lives will emerge unscathed when she blows.

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Do you think Kyle’s making a mistake by letting Diane get close to Harrison? How do you imagine it all playing out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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