Billy, Lily spoilers Y&R
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Are they about to hit their stride, or hit the rocks?

It may have been hard to imagine just a few short years ago, but somehow, Billy and Lily’s relationship on The Young and the Restless has grown into one of the strongest ones in Genoa City. The two just work and the fans — for the most part — have been happy to come along for the ride!

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So when a viewer at a fan event asked if Billy would be proposing to Lily sometime soon, we were all ears for the answer! Jason Thompson, though, well, he didn’t give us too much hope.

“Listen,” he began cautiously, “personally, I really like Billy and Lily together. I think they do work really well together, and I really do love Christel’s role on the show right now. She’s doing fantastic work with it.”

With that said, when it comes to Billy ever putting a ring on it, “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I don’t think… I haven’t seen any plans of us getting engaged or married, but I really enjoy the characters.”

OK, well, that leaves a bit to be desired. We’ve already speculated that Chelsea could end up being a major impediment to Billy and Lily’s happiness. If there are no wedding plans in the near future, we’re starting to worry more and more that our theory could be spot on!

Earlier in the clip tweeted by viewer Melissa Scharpf and shared by Beth Maitland (Traci), a fan seemed to be pressing Thompson about Chelsea. At that point, the actor admitted, “I don’t know if [Billy’s] going to have an affair…”

Again, that isn’t particularly reassuring. A nice firm “No” would have been welcome! Then again, once Thompson hedged his bets, Khalil jumped in, speaking as Lily, demanding, “So you’re going to have an affair with Chelsea? Is that what’s going to happen?”

“No,” Thompson insisted. “No!”

OK, that’s a bit better, but seeing as how Thompson was clearly channeling a defensive Billy at that point, his denials don’t mean a whole lot. Of course he’d tell Lily there won’t be an affair!

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Check out the exchange below and see how you interpret his denials!

Of course, none of this is to say that Billy and Lily won’t ever make it down the aisle… but there could be quite the bumpy road ahead of them before they do!

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