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It’s only a matter of time before Summer’s resolve will slip.

Summer was extrememly wary about Diane’s return when she first arrived in Genoa City from Milan, but quickly talked herself around to the idea that allowing her into their lives (or not) was her husband Kyle’s decision to make. Young & Restless viewers have since been treated to her doing her best Tammy Wynette and taking the Stand By Your Man approach on the issue of her mother-in-law… even in the face of extreme pressure from her own mother to pressure Kyle.

When Kyle elected to believe Diane and give her a chance, Summer followed suit and despite intial reservations, went along with it when her husband introduced the conniver into their son Harrison’s life, and later, offered his mother a significant role in the company they will run together, Marchetti.

Convincing Phyllis to call a truce with Diane for the sake of the family, another goodwill gesuture by Summer, was destined to fall apart quickly — and it did. The rivals can’t resist snarking at each other and it was mere days before they were involved in a full-on yelling match in Chancellor Park when Diane pushed Phyllis’ hot button — Jack.

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Yep, Diane’s agenda and her ability to manipulate is slowly coming to light. We say slowly because it’s been a bit of a long and bizarrely calm time since she returned to town claiming to be reformed, with only the likes of Phyllis and Nikki putting up any kind of real resistance.

Thankfully, for drama’s sake, Nikki won’t let it go and actually engaged in a catfight with Diane. She’s also actively campaigning and working behind-the-scenes to rid Genoa City of the woman who skipped town and left her to go down for a murder that didn’t even happen. Which is why Nikki angrily confronted her granddaughter Summer when she learned she’d agreed to let Diane work at Marchetti.
Nikki, Diane catfight Y&R

Summer was taken aback by her grandmother’s fervor on the topic and defended herself by parroting the party line, which is that it’s Kyle’s decision to make and she supports his choice to give his mother another chance. Nikki protested, much as her mother had previously, that Diane could do more damage than she could ever imagine. Summer, still unmoved, pivoted to a more pleasant topic — her success — and soaked up her grandmother’s praise.

But Summer’s respite from the sore subject of Diane was not to last — in fact, it was blown to bits — when Phyllis walked in and Nikki leapt on the chance to team with someone like-minded to help rid them all of Diane.

Phyllis was forced to admit she’d called a truce with the diabolical Diane — for Summer’s sake — but in the face of Nikki’s shock and horror, quickly let the façade drop and told her daughter that she simply could not continue to pretend to be at peace with her nemesis.
Summer Nikki Phyllis Y&R

Together, Nikki and Phyllis worked to impress upon Summer that running Diane out of town as soon as possible was of the utmost importance, and Phyllis made the point that no one cares about her more than the two of them… which is why she should take what they’re saying about her mother-in-law very seriously. Summer’s plea for them to stop fell on deaf ears, and her mother continued to hammer home that Diane Jenkins is a “horrible” and “dangerous” woman.

As Summer sat there looking stunned in the face of their intense double-team, in walked — who else? — but Kyle.
Kyle Y&R

Yup, trouble is a comin’ for ‘Skyle’. Summer will undoubtedly continue to support her husband for now, but with her mother and grandmother actually on the same side, it’s only a matter of time before she realizes there really must be something to their concerns and her resolve begins to slip.

As Phyllis previewed, the time will soon come where something will set Diane off and she’ll snap and show her true colors. At that point, depending what Diane does, Summer’s eyes may be fully opened to the threat she poses and she will end up just as concerned as her loved ones about the fate awaiting Kyle — and by extension, Harrison. Sides will be taken and the ‘Skyle’ marriage will face it’s first huge test as this all unfolds.

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Can Summer and Kyle’s marriage survive the chaos that Diane’s return will inevitably bring? Let us know how you think this will play out using the comment section below.

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