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*This* master manipulator may knock the badass boss lady for a huge — and utterly unexpected — loop.

Lily and Billy’s relationship has evolved to the point where it seems almost perfect on Young & Restless. She has had the confidence to weather his ongoing concerns with all things Victoria-related, and has proven to be supportive in the face of his self-proclaimed restlessness when it comes to his career path.

The Chancellor-Winters CEO has coped admirably with Billy’s need to protect his ex-wife Victoria, but that doesn’t mean she’s not reaching the end of her rope. Despite Abbott telling her she’s absolutely right every time she course-corrects him where Vick is concerned, he continues to react to his ex’s every move. Lily’s got her eye on the situation, you can be assured, and is also watching what happens where his career is going as he’s been known to go off the rails and has become twitchy in his current position as her COO.

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Lily definitely has the measure of her live-in love and has been able to deftly stick-handle around any and all obstacles she’s encountered in the relationship, but there just may be a threat on the horizon she’ll never see coming. Why? Because she’s focused on the aforementioned issues where he’s concerned.

Billy’s podcast took off, but his numbers have plateaued. Interestingly, just as he realized this, along came his ex, Chelsea, who stunned him by declaring she didn’t like his show at all — it left her feeling miserable!

They sat down together and Chelsea gave Billy her perspective, followed by a long lingering look as she left. You see, despite her take on his podcast, Billy was kind, listened to her, and showed respect for her opinion. He even recalled their past relationship as he mused that he’d forgotten how well she knows him.

It was all a pretty heady combo for the woman left bereft after Rey’s death — and undoubtedly a tantalizing prospect for filling the hole the detective’s death left in her heart and her life.

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With Chelsea deciding she’s not up for designing clothes at the present time, and the possibility of helping Billy with his podcasts looming, the writing is on the wall.

We’ve seen Chelsea, who was engaged to Billy, cast a speculative eye over him at least twice now, and while viewers may see the gathering clouds, Lily may be so intent on her new ventures, and Billy’s pre-occupation with Victoria and his podcast, that she won’t see the threat Chelsea could pose until it’s too late.
Chelsea Billy Y&R

Chelsea is a master manipulator who shares scads of history with Lily’s man, and Billy is known to mess up his life, so it’s not hard to imagine how this could all go extremely wrong.

Given that she’s seemed a little obsessive lately, it wouldn’t be a stretch for Chelsea to become fixated on reuniting with Billy and go to all sorts of lengths to torpedo his relationship with Lily.

Perhaps Billy will slip-up and cheat with Chelsea during a late-night podcast sesh and the writers will then choose to embrace Chel’s “crazy” and have her go full on bunny-boiler a la Fatal Attraction.

Lily may be a badass boss lady, but the potential is definitely there for her to be utterly blindsided given all the plates she already has in the air.

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Where do you think the Chelsea and Billy story is headed on Young & Restless? Can Lily and Billy make it through yet another challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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