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Amanda once again warns her sister Imani to back down.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of July 11 – 15, a turn of events has Ashland fuming. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Elena headed to a convention in Hawaii and even teased Nate that she could squeeze him in her suitcase. Nate promised a full-on vacation for them both at a later date. After learning Elena was out of town, Imani made business dinner arrangements for her, Sally, and Nate to discuss how to get Elena out of her contract, but secretly she did not invite Sally. Coming up, Amanda once again scolds Imani for finding any and every excuse to spend time with Nate.

Victoria returned home triumphantly and gathered the family to reveal what went down. She had to make Ashland and her family believe she wanted a clean break from them. When their investors fell through, thanks to Victor’s machinations which she anticipated, she then convinced Ashland to invest the $250,000 he got from Victor and she matched it, only to lock the money away from him and then end their farce of a relationship for good!

Victor was proud of his daughter, who revealed her vision for Newman, which included Nick returning to the fold. Nick weighed his options and talked it over with Nikki and Sharon. Coming up, Victoria is thrilled when Nick agrees to return to the company.

Finally, Ashland was furious and out for revenge against Victoria. He made sure to connect with Adam, who also was seething at his sister’s return and his likely ousting as CEO. Ashland noted they’d both been conned by his sister, and Adam later vowed to see Victoria crash and burn and take Victor down with her. Next week though, something has Ashland flipping out and destroying his suite.

What do you think fans? What has Ashland up in arms? And will Adam pit himself against his siblings and father once again?

Check out who is and who isn’t a couple on Young and Restless in the gallery below. 

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