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Yup, we need to have a little talk with the soap.

Dear Young & Restless, you know we’re in your corner, right? We root for you to be great day in and day out. So when we see you pointing in a direction that seems… let’s say not great, we feel compelled to speak up in hopes that you’ll correct course. Case in point: the idea of Lily opening her own hotel.

When she floated the notion this week, we audibly groaned. Not because we have anything against Lily, obviously, or against hotels. We like them both. No, we reacted strongly, and poorly, for the following five reasons…

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1. The Last ‘Hotel Wars’ Story Was a Dud

We’ve been more invested in who’s raking in Monopoly megabucks when another player lands on their property than we were in the nonsensical feud between Phyllis and Abby. If you’re going to redo a storyline, shouldn’t it be, ya know, a good one?

abby and phyllis strike a deal on young and restless

“Never again? Definitely, let’s shake on it!”

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2. Lily’s Reasoning Leaves Something to Be Desired

The Chancellor-Winters bigwig said that she wanted someplace for the company’s talent to stay when in Genoa City. But wouldn’t it be easier and more cost-efficient to book them suites at the Genoa City Athletic Club — which Devon owns! — than to build her own hotel?

Victor point at Ashalnd Y&R

“They have a point.”

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3. Lily’s Asking for Trouble

Abby told the CW boss all about how fierce a fight Phyllis put up during their competition. Lily wasn’t intimidated in the least. Which is fine. Good on her. However, what businessperson aggressively pursues a rando notion that they know will cause them headaches?

Allie and Jack talk at the Abbott estate Y&R

“Thank goodness nepotism is an altogether accepted and not at all frowned upon business practice.”

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4. We Don’t Need More Characters Living in Hotels

Sorry, but no one in your audience can relate to that. If you really want to build a new set, though, how about making a commitment to Amanda by building one for her mother so that Naya’s whole side of their story isn’t played out off screen?

Adam, Phyllis hotel Y&R

“When you own a hotel, you’ve gotta expect drop-ins.”

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5. Lily Deserves Better

We’re all for making Neil’s daughter a power player in Genoa City, we just want it to make sense. And if Victor never bought himself an airline just to fly his associates around and Katherine never purchased a chain of dry cleaners to do her associates’ laundry, Lily doesn’t need to become a hotelier to put a roof over some podcasters’ heads.

Review Lily’s whole wild life in the below photo gallery.