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“I will miss you at work.”

“Last night we celebrated this gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, exquisite woman.” So began the Instagram post in which Young & Restless star Michelle Stafford shone a spotlight on makeup artist Patti Denney, who was retiring from the show after 42 years.

“I am at a loss for words,” continued Phyllis’ portrayer. “This woman means so much to me. She has been doing my makeup at Young & Restless from the beginning. We have gone through so much together. She has had my back. I have had hers. It’s a relationship that I can’t put into words.”


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Stafford and Denney’s friendship may have begun at the studio, but it hasn’t ended there. “Even when I wasn’t on the show, we still talked,” Stafford said. “I couldn’t get out of the makeup chair the other day as it was the last time she was doing my makeup at work. I couldn’t leave.

“As an actor, you usually go from job to job. People mean a lot to you during that job,” she added, “but you know it will end. On our show, it’s very particular. We know we’re going to see that person tomorrow. So many people have been there for so long, we have truly become a family. Patti is my family. Forever.”

In closing, Stafford sent a message directly to Denney. “Patti, I will miss you at work, but I’m so happy that you are going to be living such a fun life full of new experiences with your incredible Mel! I hope to commission you for a huge painting in my house. I can’t wait to see the new things you create in your life! I love you.”

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