Jordi Vilasuso plays "Rey" on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network.  Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Credit: CBS

In the end, we were denied so much!

When The Young and the Restless decided to send Rey off to the big precinct in the sky, they robbed us of so many story possibilities to come. Would we ever see him with the Rosales family again? Would he and Chelsea have become an item? Would we get to see him as a father? And what about his super fly dance moves?

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OK, so that last one may not have been something you were wondering about… Until now! You’re welcome.

The Team_Shey Twitter account shared a brief clip of Jordi Vilasuso dancing the night away at this year’s Daytime Emmys, courtesy of none of than the actor’s wife, Kaitlin.

“Can you believe Y&R deprived us of Rey’s dance moves at the Teriah wedding?” the account tweeted. “They really do not want us to have nice things.”

“Oh, snap!” Vilasuso exclaimed. “Let’s get it!”

And get it, dear friends, he did! Though the GIF was only a few brief second, we got to see the actor break it down a bit before throwing his moves over to a mysterious figure on the side. We, of course, weren’t satisfied with just a glimpse, and had to go track down the full video!

Kaitlin Vilasuso shared a number of Emmy photos and videos on her Instagram page, along with a touching message to her hubby on his big day.

“We had an amazing night celebrating the art of storytelling,” she wrote, “and I will never forget what it felt like to watch my favorite person be showered with an insane amount of love and support in that room by [her younger sister], Bailee Madison, and [Madison’s beau], Blake Richardson, who were in this with us.”

It was a touching post of undying support for the man she loves, along with a crack about how Rey’s former portrayer was “robbed” of the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. But it was still, “an amazing end to a truly beautiful chapter.”

“PS,” she added at the end, “I know the last video goes sideways, but it is totally worth the head tilt imo!!”

We have to agree with that assessment! The last vid captures Vilasuso’s full glory as he cuts loose to the Usher classic, “Yeah!”

As if his solo moves weren’t enough, Richardson then “reels” the actor in with some dancing, then the two sync up for some doubles moves before winding down and capping it all off with a high five.

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The two are clearly delighted with themselves… but that’s alright, because so are we! Check out the entire clip below and be prepared to mourn the fact that we never got to see Vilasuso bring those moves to Young & Restless!

Ah, what could have been…

Take a look back at Rey and Sharon’s dance-free wedding with a photo album that will leave you wishing for more!