Summer Kyle offer Diane job YR
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Michael and Lauren still have that magic between them.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of June 27 – July 1, Kyle makes his mother’s day. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Diane, feeling she needed a purpose, hinted that perhaps her son could find her a job at Marchetti. As Kyle pondered leaving his co-CEO job at Jabot to head up Marchetti, Summer pitched the idea to Lauren that Fenmore’s could be the exclusive store to carry the Marchetti line, with Chelsea Lawson as the new lead designer. Coming up, Kyle, with Summer by his side, tells Diane they’ve decided to offer her a job in the PR department at Marchetti. Jack, who is also there, is rendered speechless.

Billy was hit hard when Victoria told him she was leaving town to start over with Ashland, but Jill wanted him to focus on his new position as COO of Chancellor-Winters, and not to screw things up with Lily. Unfortunately, Billy is known for screwing things up. In a tease for next week, Billy tells Chelsea that he’d forgotten how well she knows him.

Nikki asked Michael to look into what Diane was up to out in Los Angelos, as she was determined to chase Diane out of Genoa City. However, Lauren told her Michael wasn’t the right man for the job as he is one of the few people glad to see Diane back. Nikki was left appalled by Michael’s position after all Diane had done. Coming up, Michael and Lauren dance, and he tells her they’ve still got it. She responds, “Baby, we never lost it!”

Finally, Victor asked Michael to locate Victoria so he could bring her home. Next week, Victor tells Nikolas that whatever adventure Ashton and Victoria are about to embark on is going to hit a brick wall.

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