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Is Genoa City’s most notorious designer about to move on yet again?!

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for Chelsea since her most recent return to Genoa City, both personally and professionally… and it appears the trip may not be over for Young & Restless’ ex-con fashionista…

Chelsea’s behavior has been notably off the wall since her crush, the very-married Rey Rosales, died suddenly of a heart attack behind the wheel of his car on the night he was supposed to accompany her and Connor to Chicago. Her ex-husband Adam, who knows her better than anyone, was quick to pick up on her intensity when he and Sally overheard her chewing out Chloe via voicemail at Society. Chelsea denied it, but it was pretty clear to all that she was “off,” including Chloe when she arrived on the scene. Adam ominously observed that he’d seen this behavior before.

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Adam approached Chelsea again in the park, and once again, her reaction to his concern seemed over the top. Things escalated uncomfortably and Kyle Abbott stepped in to “rescue” her, after which she invited him for coffee.
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Professionally speaking, Chelsea and Chloe landed a cushy spot for their line with Lauren at Fenmore’s, but it was a stressful road to get there. Chelsea was unable to work with Sally, who had an interest in Adam, which made for tough going when she returned to town initially to join Newman Fashion. The situation only became more dire when Victoria bought Newman Media and decided she wasn’t interested in continuing the designer’s brand. Chelsea and Chloe decided to strike out on their own — without Sally — who, much to Chels’ chagrin, ended up working side-by-side with her former husband and taking him to bed.

Things were really looking up when Chelsea and Chloe teamed with Lauren, but in the wake of Rey’s death, Chelsea has been stressed to the max and she and Chloe have been at odds more than once.

Young & Restless spoilers indicate that Chloe and Chelsea will share a disagreement once again, and we have to wonder if their partnership is about to be pushed to its breaking point. If an argument has Chelsea walking out on Chloe professionally — or vice-versa — what then?

Well, we’d have to say the timing couldn’t be any better. Why? Because this happens on the same day her favorite rescuer, Kyle Abbott, “takes on a new challenge,” which can only be becoming the sole CEO of Marchetti Fashion, which was recently purchased by Jabot and relocated to Genoa City.
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If Chelsea needs a new place to work, Kyle can swoop in and “rescue” her all over again by offering her a position at his design house — working alongside him. Sounds like the perfect set-up for her fixation if, as we suspect, she develops a thing for the boss. We can definitely picture a Young & Restless Chelsea/Kyle/Summer triangle in the future, as his wife works there too.

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Do you think the tension between Chelsea and Chloe is building to a break-up? Do you think Kyle and Summer will hire Chelsea at Marchetti? Let us know how you think this will play out in the comment section below.

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