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We always suspected he had an ooey-gooey heart.

When we think of The Young and the Restless‘ Victor Newman, several things come to mind. But until now, none of them were edible. But just in time for Father’s Day, a Toronto bakery has introduced a cupcake named in honor of the man as likely to gift you a pony as cut you out of his will.

Calling it a cupcake “for a real dad’s dad,” Bunners (which you can check out here) makes a good case for why the Newman patriarch deserves the honor. “Sophisticated, industrious, powerful, magnetic, mysterious and sometimes a little dangerous, Victor Newman personifies all the tings that, ironically, also add up to a wonderful dad!”

YR Victor hugs victoria abby

It’s hugs all around… until someone gets cut out of the will!

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Not quite sold? Read on! “Dads are strong and teach us to live a little on the edge,” the bakery’s ad says. “They take us for rides on the backs of motorcycles, crash our toboggans, kick soccer balls way too hard at us, tickle us without mercy and charm us with their advanced knowledge of tools and lawn care.”

While Victor is more likely to hire someone to do the lawn than teach you to mow it, the treat makers also celebrate “all the dads who taught us to put our dukes up.” And we all know how much Victor loves going a few rounds, whether with a stuffed or human punching bag!

victor newman cupcake

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So what kind of cupcake did they decide fitting for a man of Victor’s stature? “Black cocoa cake, center filled with a creamy and dark chocolate ganache heart, frosted with a bourbon vanilla frosting and garnished with a commanding mustache,” reads the description. “And lest we forget, the touch of wealth hinted at by its gold foil wrapper.”

Now that we all want a cupcake, let’s take our mind off our hungry by walking down Memory Lane and checking out Victor’s history… the good, the bad and the occasionally unsavory!