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Victoria seems to think that she can out-Victor her own father. Good luck with that.

Everyone knows what happens when you mess with a bull — you get the horns. Nonetheless, the week of June 20 on The Young and the Restless, Victoria tempts fate by ensuring that Daddy Dearest finds out about her plans to start a new communications company with Ashland to compete with Newman Enterprises.

“She’s as good a chess player as her father,” headwriter Josh Griffith tells Soap Opera Digest. “She’s already looking 10 moves down the board.”

Victoria watches Adam Y&R

“Crap, which way does the conehead guy move on the board again?”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Even so, Victoria may be asking for trouble that she simply doesn’t need, especially as she attempts to rebuild her marriage in the wake of Ashland’s Big Cancer Lie. She’s also assuming that Victor taught her everything that he knows. But in fact, he may only have taught her everything that she knows.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that that’s the case, because spoilers for the week reveal that the Black Knight derails Victoria’s plans before they even start chug-chug-chugging down the tracks. Which begs the question: If she really wanted nothing more to do with her family, why did she opt to start a company that would directly compete with them? Why not choose another — any other — field and make the break a clean one?

Victor, Victoria hug Y&R

“I want nothing to do you with, Daddy. Obviously.”

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The obvious answer is that, of course, Victoria can no more cut ties with Victor & Co. than she can remove her father’s name from her own. (What would that leave her as? Just Oria?)

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