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Whoops, they did it again! 

Over the past few weeks, The Young and the Restless spent a lot of time talking about the big party which would launch Chancellor-Winters. This week, the shindig finally began… and we were ready for a good time! After all, having watched soaps for a whole lotta years, we know that when everyone gets glammed up for a party, that means big drama is about to go down.

Or at least, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

But the Chancellor-Winters launch turned out to be a two-day snoozefest. Sure, Diane once again showed up where she wasn’t wanted, but nothing much came of it. In fact, the biggest thing to happen was that Nate went off script with his speech, telling reporters that (gasp!) the company would be launching a series of podcasts.

Stop the presses!

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It was yet another example of something we’ve written about extensively over the past year or more: The Young and the Restless seemingly doing everything within its power to avoid actual drama. Instead, we got Victor putting Adam in charge of Newman for the umpteenth time, Chance facing off-screen danger as part of his job while Abby did some low-level worrying, and three different conversations about why Nate left medicine for the business world.

Weirdly, although we got flashbacks to the Devon/Nate fight which derailed the doc’s surgical career, as well as both Jack and Victor recalling their pasts with Diane, there was not a single flashback to the much-loved (and missed) namesakes of the company, Katherine Chancellor and Neil Winters!

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This again leads us to ask: What was the point of this party, which ate up almost two entire episodes? There were so many ways in which things could have been spiced up. Imagine if Victoria and Ashland had strolled in, arm in arm, giving everyone something worth gossiping about. Imani could have had a tad too much to drink and planted a congratulatory kiss on Nate. Heck, Lily’s ex-husband Cane could have put in an appearance!

Anything would have been better than what we got, which was, frankly, little ado about nothing.

Perhaps the folks at The Young and the Restless need a reminder of what real drama looks like… which is why we’re presenting this look at some of the show’s all-time greatest rivalries!