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A few people in Genoa City should be worried… very, very worried…

Should being the keyword and if they only knew what was going on in Los Angeles, California. These days on The Young and the Restless, Lauren is happy to have her husband home safe — for the moment — but still worries what dangers he could be put in next, given that Michael has remained loyal to working for Victor. However, over in Los Angeles, a psycho is on the loose — one that made Lauren’s life a living hell for years!

Young & Restless fan Matt Hanvey recently made a good point. “For the love of God, Young & Restless, please let someone tell Lauren that [Bold & Beautiful’s] Sheila was arrested for murdering her own son and has now escaped prison. Just one scene.”

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Given that Lauren and Sheila have crossed over between the CBS soaps numerous times, this would have been a perfect opportunity to bring them together on a storyline once again — a huge storyline. Heck, the powers that be crossed characters over for lesser things like when Bold & Beautiful’s Eric Forrester arrived in Genoa City and shared scenes with former Angeleno Sally. And Summer and Kyle crossed over to their show’s sister soap to dig up dirt on Sally.

Eric, Sally Y&R

So, seriously with all of the history between Lauren and Sheila, why wouldn’t the soap at least address that she not only ‘killed’ her son but had escaped jail and was now running free? Like Hanvey tweeted, “Just one scene.”

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We’re not asking for Sheila to show up on Lauren’s doorstep, take her hostage and hide her away in some abandoned farmhouse (though, if truth be told, something along those lines would sure as heck increase the drama level over there). “Just one scene,” a phone call, a text — anything — would have been nice — and warranted — and would have made for an intense moment between Lauren and Phyllis, considering Sheila once made herself look like Phyllis… to get to Lauren, mind you!

Lauren, Sheila rivalry Y&R

Eric could have called Victor, who then relayed the news to Michael, who then gently broke it to his wife, who then called her best friend Phyllis and worried on her shoulder about the possibility that the crazy woman could be making her way to Genoa City… you get the picture, just something simple to address it.

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The length Sheila has gone to in the past to destroy Lauren… this was another big, missed opportunity.

What do you think? Should the CBS soaps have paid homage to Sheila’s Genoa City path of destruction with a little crossover warning from Chief Baker, Eric, anyone? We’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave us your take in the comment section below.

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