Restless Rant
Week of December 28 – 31:

Although it was another abbreviated week for The Young and the Restless, there was no lack of drama in Genoa City! Here are my thoughts on the happenings this past week.

Niggly Nikki: I found myself wondering why Nikki would go over to Katherine’s house at Christmas and be such a witch to everyone?! She was rude to Jill, which is fine, because she gives as good as she gets, but in all fairness, Nikki interrupted a very special moment between Jill and Kay and wasn’t at all gracious about it. She then immediately put in her two cents about the matter of the long-lost daughter, even though she wasn’t asked. Finally, what was with her attitude toward Tucker? They don’t appear to know one another, yet she was cold toward him from the moment he opened the door. This is the side of Nikki that I dislike – thanks to Tucker for reminding her that she’s no better than anyone else!

Whack Jack: What’s gotten into Jack Abbott?! Throwing together winter skating parties, going caroling, dressing up as Santa Claus, and proposing to a woman via champagne glass after only a few weeks of dating? Whatever he’s on, I want some – who in Genoa City is enjoying life more, I ask you? Emily’s huge conflict of interest notwithstanding, it’s nice to see Jack smilin’ again!

Crashing in a Winter Wonderland: Well, I could drone on some more about how horrible Adam is, and how appalling it is for him to be paired with Sharon, but I won’t. My observations this week were that Sharon looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding ceremony, and that I was pleasantly jolted by Adam writing the note of confession – the writers took me off guard with that one! I think it’s only a matter of time, folks, before Sharon remembers… As for Nick showing up on the scene, well, let’s just say between his behavior in Sharon’s hospital room, and his idiocy back at home – I really and truly have no respect left for the doofus. His flip-flopping, for me, has passed ‘totally annoying’ and is fast becoming ‘torture to sit through’.

Nina and Paul: After more scenes between the two this week, I can reliably report seeing absolutely no sparks between them! I think they are just a little too ‘logical’ as a couple to be exciting and sexy together. They need to be partnered with others who can bring that out in them. To me, they just feel like buddies. Interesting that they got Nina in there for a looky-loo at Patty though – maybe down the road she’ll be the one who can tell Patty and Emily apart! Hmmm…