Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

The CBS daytime vet’s photo sparked a few different responses from soap fans.

On Monday, June 13, The Young and the Restless actress Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) posted a photo of herself rockin’ a new look — in a hospital gown. The hashtags that accompanied the pic spelled out a message for her followers, as she warned them not to freak out, that all was good and she was just getting some tests done — but still “rockin this look” all the same.

As fans began to comment, some with worry, Stafford replied to reassure them, “You must know me by now that I would never ever, ever post something like this if something was really wrong with me.”

However, all seriousness aside, some of the comments posted by others had the actress laughing… Cary Krais thought the gown really complimented her hair and was “glad it is all good,” while Nan53 stated, “Looking amazing as usual… Glad it’s all good. You look lovely in anything.” Ella _ Bleu gave her a “thumbs up” but thought one more accessory would make her outfit perfect and suggested that a Louboutin belt would complete the gown.

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And Al Lima had a whole other thought when first laying eyes on Stafford’s photo and shared, “My first thought was that Phyllis got institutionalized.” Well, that’s not too far off base, considering Phyllis briefly spent some time in Fairview in 2015 for an evaluation after she was arrested for the attempted murder of Kelly Andrews. And with the way Diane’s presence is causing Phyllis to react as of late… it was an honest assumption!

In the end, we agree, Stafford can rock anything — and we have the perfect way to prove it…

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