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To what extremes will Victor go to keep his daughter in the fold?

Young & Restless’ Victoria is determined to pull up stakes and move to New York with Ashland in the wake of her announcement that she’s cutting ties, but her father is equally bent on finding a way to put the kibosh on her plans. Victor, consequently, has hatched a scheme, but we fear his plan may not be as successful as he hopes and that it may take something even more dire to keep Vikki in Genoa City…

The Mustache won the admiration of his wife for coming up with a plot to make it impossible for Victoria to turn her back on her beloved Newman Enterprises — by installing her brother Adam as CEO. But we find this approach rather puzzling. Nikki and Victor seemed to feel this would come as some kind of huge shock to Victoria and have her running back to re-take the helm… but why would it?! Adam is the logical choice as CEO in light of Victoria’s resignation, and given that Victor had put him in as interim CEO previously and he’s done the job in the past, it only makes sense that she would expect the move as opposed to being surprised by it.

Nikki sure seemed to think the plot would reel their daughter back in, but if not, is there a back-up plan?

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From where we’re sitting, the Newmans are running out of options to keep Victoria from following through on her agenda of starting over elsewhere with Ashland. That said, we can think of one thing that would definitely keep her from going… or bring her back if she makes the move. Unfortunately, it’s not very pleasant any way you slice it.

Despite Victoria’s disillusionment with her father at the present time, there is no denying the bond and love the two of them share. While you can cut those ties on the surface, they run deep. If something were to happen to Victor — let’s say a medical crisis of some kind — she would definitely stay, or return.
Victor in hospital Y&R

Of course we don’t want anything to happen to the Black Knight, and despite his worrisome rages in recent weeks, his ticker is probably in pretty good shape given that he received Colleen’s heart in a transplant years ago. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, however, that all this stress really could land him in the hospital. Alternatively…

Victor is nothing if not cunning, and if his scheme to lure his daughter back by parking Adam in the CEO seat doesn’t have the desired effect, might he realize — as we have — that there’s one surefire way to keep Victoria in Genoa City, and feign a medical emergency?

It’s not like he doesn’t have the resources to pull it off. Heck, Victor has faked his own death in the past… and he’s never been shy about going to extremes, especially when he believes he is “protecting his family at all costs”.

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We’ll have to see how it all plays out, but in the meantime, let us know what you’d like to see happen by posting in the comment section below.

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