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But it is one we can get behind!

It’s hard not to play favorites, whether it’s the show you can’t get enough of, the couple you just love or the kid you prefer over the others! OK, maybe you shouldn’t pick that last one. Out loud.

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But let’s face it, we’ve all got favorites — especially as soap enthusiast! It turns out, Peter Bergman (Jack) isn’t just an actor on The Young and the Restless, he’s also a fan. And he’s one with some unique opinions!

When the actor spoke with Soap Opera Digest in a recent issue, he couldn’t help but sing Susan Walters for her portrayal of a not-so-dead Diane. But it didn’t end there, because once he started talking about Diane, naturally talk turned towards the idea of a supercouple. She has, after all, been paired up with not just Jack, but also Victor!

Whether or not those are supercouples, they’re certainly power couples! But what did Bergman think? Was Diane better with Jack or Victor? Would you believe that he chose neither?

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Maybe Jack should just bow out and let these two ladies work their magic onscreen>

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“Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Susan are my favorite supercouple on the show now,” he told Digest. “It’s so much fun to watch their characters go at it with each other.”

Now that’s a bit of a different take than we’re used to.

“Those ladies are so good together,” he continued. “I adore working with both of them and am deeply flattered to find myself between the two of them. But really, they’re my new favorite supercouple.”

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Well, fortunately for Bergman, since neither Phyllis nor Diane are the type to back down, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing them butt heads for quite a long time to come!

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