Adam Sally blindsided Y&R
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If Victor makes *this* move it might drive his youngest son to follow Victoria’s lead and walk away from Newman for good.

Young & Restless viewers were treated to a cliffhanger moment worthy of a Friday during sweeps, but on a regular old Tuesday, as Victoria dropped an absolute bomb. Newman heads were spinning, and there was smirking, scowling and shouting aplenty, as Victor’s prodigal daughter announced she was not only cutting ties with the family, but also with the company that is so dear to her heart. After we recovered, we couldn’t help but think about what comes next. And we’re sure we weren’t the only ones considering the implications…

Adam was as shocked as the rest of the Newmans by Victoria’s astounding declaration, but could hardly conceal his delight at the unforeseen turn of events, which seemingly left the coveted CEO chair at Newman Enterprises his for the taking.

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Undoubtedly, Adam will make a beeline to Sally to let her know that their plan to reunite Victoria and Ashland as a means to an end has already come to fruition — with minimal effort on their part. In fact, Victor himself provided the push that came to shove when he convinced Kyle to take out a restraining order against Ashland to keep him away from Harrison, which, as Victoria said herself, just took his vendetta too far.

So, now what? Victor, we’re certain, will attempt to keep Victoria from following through with her plans, but she seems hella determined, so we’re guessing that won’t work.

Victor knows that Adam has been champing at the bit to get an opportunity to prove himself as the company’s head, and he did put his youngest son in charge on an interim basis not so long ago. So, is it a foregone conclusion that Adam and Sally’s upwardly mobile dreams will come true and he’ll be installed as CEO (or co-CEO alongside Nikki) while Sally takes over Newman Media?

A hunch tells us that it won’t be that simple, despite the fact that we’d love to see Adam and Sally square off against Jabot’s Kyle and Summer in a business rivalry for a new generation.

Victor hasn’t been all that receptive to Adam’s pleas for a chance, in fact, he’s appeared downright impatient when he’s brought up his ambitions recently. What other options does the Mustache have, however?

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He could let Nikki run the whole thing, but that seems as unlikely as Victor coming out of retirement himself.

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In the past, Victor has had a “go-to” in this type of scenario — namely, trying to convince Nick to come back to the family business. Nick is so far out of the corporate game at this point, and has been so resolute about remaining far from the Newman Enterprises drama, that it doesn’t feel as though there would be any serious possibility of this, and yet…

We suspect that Nick taking a renewed interest in the company, or even agreeing to come in and do the job until Victor can talk Victoria around, might be exactly what happens.

Why? All good stories need to have a twist you didn’t see coming and this one would completely blindside Adam and Sally, who probably assume it’s a given that he will be handed the reins in the wake of Victoria’s announcement.

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Do you think Nick will consider coming back to Newman Enterprises in Victoria’s absence? How will Adam and Sally react if he does? Let us know how you think this will play out in the comment section below.

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