Victoria chooses to be with Ashland YR
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The Newmans didn’t see this coming.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of June 6 – 10, Victoria makes a huge decision. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Determined to get Ashland out of Genoa City and his family’s lives, Victor convinced Summer and Kyle to serve Ashland with a restraining order barring him from seeing Harrison. He was sure with nothing left for him that Locke would finally leave town. However that’s not the case, and Ashland let both Adam and Victor know that Victoria still loved him, and he was determined to get her back.

In a preview for this week, Ashland tells Victoria that he so much wants the reunion he’s dreamed of with her. Victoria stuns him and tells Ashland that she chooses him. In a previous preview, Victoria tells Ashland she wants to start over with him. She wants them to do it away from Genoa City and all of the people in their lives. A shocked Ashland asked if she really means it? Based on what she does next, it seems that Victoria does.

Victoria stands up to her father and declares, “He’s still the perfect man for me!” as Nikki and Nick listen. Nikki hangs her head, and Victor warns his daughter if she goes and does this then it will be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make in her life. With tears in her eyes, Victoria says, “Goodbye dad!”

However, this battle may not be over just yet as Victor faces off with Ashland and says, “Did you think it would be that easy? Think again!”

Are you rooting for Ashland and Victoria to make it, or is she being foolish in taking him back? And is this just the information Adam needs to finally take over the family company?

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