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“There’s only one way” for Victoria to get what she wants, says her portrayer.

The week of June 6 promises to be a doozy on The Young and the Restless. Victoria not only lights into her father for orchestrating the restraining order that removes Ashland from the life of former son Harrison, but according to Soap Opera Digest, she reveals to her family that she’s reuniting with the Locke Ness Monster.

‘Ashtoria’ Lives!

“Ashland apologized to Victoria for his deceit, which motivated her to give him another chance,” Amelia Heinle tells the magazine. It’s as simple as that. Now “Victoria knows there’s only one way for them to have a future together.”

And that way is… ? Leaving behind her CEO seat at Newman Enterprises — and leaving behind the Newmans, too. They “are in complete shock,” says Heinle. “Victor implores his daughter to come to her senses, but Victoria stands her ground and cuts ties with her family.”

Victor point at Ashalnd Y&R

Victor will not take this news sitting down. Despite what this photo suggests.

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Adam’s Golden Opportunity

As aftershocks reverberate across the canvas, Genoa City will be rocked to its very core. “We will see the dynamics of the Newman family take a dramatic turn as a result of Victoria’s decision,” teases Heinle. On one hand, Adam will see himself as being one step closer to seizing control of Newman Enterprises. On the other, Victoria will be in conflict with everyone she loves — well, everyone except for Ashland, that is.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Victor, Nikki, Nick… they’ll all think that Victoria is mad to give the Locke Ness Monster another opportunity to break her heart. A man who would lie about being terminally ill would lie about anything!

But of course, it isn’t really the moral high ground on which the Newmans are standing, not when you consider that Nikki once feigned a terminal illness to keep Victor from leaving her for romantic rival Ashley, and he’s committed so many heinous acts that the nickname the Black Knight sounds downright charitable.

nikki coffin death fantasy

Who would ever joke about a thing like dying? Surely not Nikki!

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Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt — But Who?

Even viewers have to imagine that Victoria is going to come to regret her decision to stand by Ashland after all. She’s been burned by love so many times, it’s a wonder that at this point, she isn’t afraid to so much as strike a match! (Review her litany of failed relationships here.)

But the real loser in this scenario may well turn out to be Ashland. He’s won back Victoria’s heart, but in so doing, he’s made himself an even bigger target for Victor (and we hardly would’ve thought that that was possible). Spoilers for the week indicate that Victoria’s Daddy Dearest has anything but given up on protecting her — from herself, if need be. The question is, what lengths will he go to next to do so?

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