Jack dumps Phyllis YR
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Victoria stuns Ashton with her declaration.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of June 6 – 10, Mariah and Tessa return home. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Sharon rushes to hug Mariah and Tessa, who return home. She gushes, “Oh my gosh, welcome home! Look at you two — you’re glowing!” Tessa beams, “Honeymoons do that!”

Determined to get Ashland out of Genoa City, Victor and Michael brought a civil suit against him. However, Victor had another move up his sleeve and convinced Summer and Kyle to forbid any contact between Harrison and Ashland. He thought once Ashland couldn’t see the boy, he’d finally get out of dodge. They followed through and the restraining order was delivered to Locke, but Ashland is determined not to be deterred. After Victor ordered Ashland to take his payout and leave town, he gloated that Victoria still loves him.

Next week in Ashland’s suite, Victoria tells Ashland, “I want to start over. Away from this place and all of the people. And I don’t want to just imagine it this time, I actually want to do it.” Ashland leans forward in his chair and marvels, “You really mean that.” She smiles. Is Victoria serious, or is this another plan to simply get Ashland out of all their lives?

Phyllis set up a scenario for her and Jack to just happen to run into Diane right after making love at the Grand Pheonix. Later Jack overheard a fight between Phyllis and Diane in which Phyllis admitted she was marking her territory with Jack and basically thanked Diane for helping her speed up her reunion with the Abbott. A hurt Jack later confronted Phyllis about what he overheard.

In the preview, a stunned Phyllis asks Jack, “You’re done? After all of this, this is the end?” Jack replies, “Yes. This is the end. Goodbye.” But is it really goodbye for these two?

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