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“Working with Hallmark was “a shell of a time.”

Fans have been excited to see The Young and the Restless alum Hunter King (ex-Summer) in her upcoming Hallmark movie and the wait is finally over. This Saturday, June 4, at 8 pm, she will take on the new role of Addie in Hidden Gems and guess what? We have an exclusive sneak peek scene to tide you over until the weekend’s premiere!

What we already know is… Addie takes a trip to Hawaii for her sister’s wedding and ends up losing a ring from her grandmother in the ocean. This leads to her enlisting the help of Jack, the island’s dive instructor, in order to find her priceless treasure. In the sneak peek scene below, after their dive, Addie is excited to think that Jack found her ring. However, when he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring, she looks disappointed and says, “No, no…” — and the tourists on the beach, all recording the scene, think that she’s turning down his marriage proposal!

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Watch the scene unfold and find out what Jack plans to do with the ring he found…

Of the movie, and the time she spent at Hallmark, King shared, “From getting to work in Hawaii, to magically avoiding getting sea sick (hallelujah), to working with such a fun cast and crew and not to mention making some of the most amazing friends… I think it’s safe to say I had a shell of a time. Thank you Hallmark Channel for letting me live out my rom-com dream.”

And if you’d like to see more of what’s to come, take a peek at the movie’s trailer here:

We can’t wait to see King in primetime and think she would be a great addition to the Hallmark family — and in case you missed it, here’s why. Plus, we took the liberty of collecting, if you will, the top 10 leading-men contenders who would work great starring opposite King in future romantic movies.

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